Modalert Review: Where to Buy, Dosage & Side Effects

Find everything you need to know about Modalert in our complete Modalert review. We looked at where to buy Modalert online, the best Modalert dosage for best results, the side effects of Modalert, as well as Modalert experiences shared on Reddit.

Modalert is one of the most popular sleeping disorder medications and smart drugs that is currently on the market.

However, with so many generic Modafinil brands to choose from, it can be confusing differentiating between them, as well as which one is best and deciding which one to buy.

Manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (Sun Pharma) - one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies, based in India - Modalert is used for a wide variety of purposes. It is provided through doctor's prescription, but can also be bought online.

In our complete Modalert review, find out everything you need to know about Modalert. We have included what Modalert is used for, the difference between Modalert and Modafinil, side effects, dosage, and where to buy Modalert online.

What is Modalert Used For?

Modalert Review

Modalert was developed as a wakefulness promoting agent. This means that it prevents excessiveness sleepiness in patients suffering from narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, and other well-known disorders that disrupt sleep.

Modalert is like the opposite of a sleeping pill: it has a stimulant effect that keeps the user awake, while reducing, and altogether preventing, the desire to sleep.

For people who struggle to get a good night's sleep each night, work night shifts or long hours during the day, Modalert can reduce extreme sleepiness as desired. It can be taken before a long work shift or in the morning if the user does not want to fall asleep during the day (to promote a normal sleep cycle).

In these cases, it is provided as a prescription medicine.

As Modalert can treat excessive daytime sleepiness and improve wakefulness, it is also used for cognitive enhancement. This is because feelings of wakefulness and alertness generally allow us to concentrate better. As a result, this can improve energy and general productivity.

Modalert can be bought online for this purpose. It has become increasingly popular as a cognitive enhancer - another term for nootropic or smart drugs - with a broad worldwide audience, ranging from students to working professionals with mentally demanding jobs.

Is Modalert the Same as Modafinil?

Modalert is a generic version of Modafinil. Put simply, this means that it is a drug that has been manufactured to be identical to Modafinil.

Modafinil, and its brand name Provigil, is more expensive than generic Modafinil versions such as Modalert, as it is considered the original or earliest version of the drug.

Despite this, Modalert is ultimately the same as Modafinil. This includes its uses as a sleep treatment and smart drug, as well as ingredients, strength, recommended dosage, and its digestible form as a pill.

The main difference between Modalert and Modafinil is that Modafinil is classed as generic Modafinil, manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. As a generic version, Modalert is cheaper than Modafinil.

Modalert Benefits

The main benefits of Modalert are preventing excessive sleepiness and improving cognitive performance.

As a medication that can treat narcolepsy, shift work sleep problems, obstructive sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders, the main benefit of Modalert is that it would prevent the patient from falling asleep at undesired times. This would then allow them to stay awake and function as needed.

As a smart drug, Modalert has the ability to not just improve wakefulness, but improve cognition overall. This is due to its natural influence on the chemical messengers that communicate between the brain and body.

The benefits of this include increased focus and concentration, improved memory, faster problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and faster absorption of information.

Improved cognition generally comes with increased productivity. And, as a result, users who take Modalert as a smart drug claim additional benefits such as increased motivation, confidence, contentment, optimism, and general happiness on a daily basis.

Modalert benefits summarized:

  • treats shift work sleep disorder, sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders
  • prevents excessive tendency to fall asleep (wakefulness promoter)
  • doubles as a smart drug for improving cognition
  • enhances cognitive functions, including concentration, focus, memory retention, understanding of information, problem-solving, and creativity
  • improves general wellbeing - increases motivation, contentment, confidence, and optimism
  • can increase chances of success (prolonged revising, passing an exam, excelling in a job interview)

Where to Buy Modalert

Where to buy Modalert online, safely and legitimately?

You can buy Modalert online without a doctor's prescription. Modafinil drug vendors, typically based in India, provide legal worldwide shipping and the option to purchase different Modafinil versions, often with excellent savings when bought in bulk or paid through bitcoin.

We have selected the following online Modafinil vendors for their wide selection of Modafinil pills (including Modalert), the available combos and drug strengths, shipping options, return policy, and customer reviews.

Some of these Modafinil vendors also offer free a sample pack of Modafinil pills (including Modalert 200) if you would like to try Modafinil before making a big order.

For this reason, these are our recommended online Modafinil sellers.


ModafinilXL is one of the leading modafinil vendors, having thousands of positive online reviews across trusted review sites.

ModafinilXL offers a wide choice of branded Modafinil, including generic versions of Modafinil, at affordable prices. These can be bought in combos of 200, 300, and 500 tablet packs, offering greater discounts on bulk orders.

Modalert 200 is one of the bestselling Modafinil versions on ModafinilXL, available in the standard Modalert 200mg dose. Modalert on ModafinilXL can be purchased in combos of 200, 300, and 500 pills. As mentioned, the more that you order on ModafinilXL, the more you can save.

In addition, ModafinilXL offers an exclusive free Modafinil trial for new customers. This is for Modalert 200, providing 10 sample pills delivered straight to your door. While the Modalert 200 trial is free, you will have to pay for the shipping costs.

ModafinilXL ships to most worldwide countries (from Singapore and India), with free shipping available if you spend over a certain amount. Refunds are also possible (within 30 days) if you are unsatisfied with ModafinilXL or your order, with paid reshipment included.


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  • free shipping if your order reaches a certain amount
  • added discount if paid with bitcoin
  • flexible return policy (30 days), reshipment paid for


  • EU shipping has been unavailable since June 2021


BuyModafinilOnline is another leading online Modafinil seller that offers some of the same great perks as ModafinilXL. Similarly, BuyModafinilOnline is also backed by positive customer reviews across numerous review sites.

BuyModafinilOnline sells branded and generic Modafinil, with Modalert being one of their bestselling versions of Modafinil. What's great about BuyModafinilOnline is that they also offer new customers a free Modafinil trial pack, with a choice of either Modalert or Artvigil.

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BuyModa is the last Modafinil seller that we recommend for its range of branded and generic Modafinil that they ship from various locations, such as Singapore, Slovakia (for EU countries), the USA, and the UK.

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While BuyModa does offer a Modafinil sampler pack, it is not a free trial similar to what both ModafinilXL and BuyModafinilOnline offer. On top of that, shipping costs also apply. BuyModa's sampler pack includes 10 pills of either Modalert, Waklert, Modavigil, or Artvigil.

Products across BuyModa have hundreds of positive customer reviews, making them a trusted seller for buying Modafinil online.


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  • some modafinil products are US-only (US to US)
  • no free trial - BuyModa's sample pack (which includes Modalert) is also not free
  • BuyModa's return policy is not as clear as ModafinilXL or BuyModafinilOnline

Modalert Free Trial

Try Modalert 200 for free without a prescription, safely and legitimately!

ModafinilXL and BuyModafinilOnline offer new customers a free sample pack of Modalert 200, one of the bestselling generic brands of Modafinil.

The free Modalert trial provides you with 10 200mg pills delivered straight to your door. You will, however, have to pay the cost of shopping.

If you are unsure about Modalert, or trying Modafinil on the whole, this is the best way to try Modalert and Modafinil without a prescription. Through ModafinilXL and BuyModafinilOnline, you can find out whether Modalert benefits you, which dose works for you, and the effects you might experience.

Modalert Dosage

What is the best Modalert dosage for fast and effective results?

It is best to take Modalert in its recommended dose, typically capped at 200 mg per day. Modalert 200 dose can also be split to be taken at 100mg. The best time to take Modalert, however, varies on the individual.

Those who work night shifts and need to stay awake all night will benefit from a standard 200 mg dose taken at least 30 minutes before the start of the work shift.

For narcolepsy patients, Modalert should be taken during the day to improve wakefulness. This also applies to anyone who needs to wants to prevent falling asleep during the day. In this case, Modalert is best taken in the morning, as common Modalert studies show that the effects can last up to 15 hours.

As with all smart drugs and other drugs, it is not recommended to take your Modalert tablet (Modalert 200mg, or split to 100 mg) on an empty stomach. It is also not recommended to dose with other drugs, such as birth control, where it might cause interference.

If you are unsure about Modalert dose, or the best scheduled dose for you, your healthcare provider will be able to provide medical advice.

Side Effects of Modalert

Does Modalert have side effects?

Adverse effects for taking Modalert 200, or Modafinil overall, are rare. But as with any drug or medication, there are possible minor side effects that patients and users might experience if Modalert is taken in high doses.

Modalert side effects can include headaches, migraines, nausea and dizziness, thirst or dry mouth, blurry vision, and mood changes. Modalert might also act as an appetite suppressant. More severe side effects may include chest pain and high blood pressure.

For healthy individuals who take the recommended daily Modalert dose of 200 mg, the risk of any side effects is generally considered low. And throughout numerous clinical trials, Modafinil produced little to no side effects when taken as recommended.

Modafinil has also been classified as a Schedule IV Drug, deeming it to be of low addictiveness, with low risk of patients or users experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Modalert Experiences Shared on Reddit

Curious about genuine experiences from users of Modalert? Read through the following Modalert experiences shared on Reddit.

According to Reddit user KongeriketNorge:

"I have ADHD and have never felt this good in my life.

I've now taken modalert, 200mg per day for over 3 months and am still going strong! Modafinil has completely changed my life for the better, I've finally learned to accept my ADHD, and have achieved some great things since I started taking it. I managed to land my dream job as I was clear minded and focused during interviews. I finally have the patience to learn guitar properly and have made some incredible progress in a short amount of time. I somehow went from one of the most introverted people I know, to being an extrovert who never shuts up and is always at the center of attention."

According to Reddit user seghtzlol:

"I'm in love with my Modalert 200mg splitted (100mg).

I've started taking Modafinil to see if it would have helped me with focus and energy and I'm impressed with how many benefits beyond the work this drug has to give.

Mood way more stable than it used to be. More sociable, willing to stay around people. More control of my thoughts and emotions. I have better reasoning. More confident."


Modalert is generic Modafinil manufactured by multinational pharmaceuticals company Sun Pharmaceuticals. As a generic medication, Modalert is ultimately the same as Modafinil in strength, recommended dosage, and general ingredients, but cheaper in price.

It is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disorders (maintaining wakefulness), with the ability to also enhance cognitive functions. Modalert, therefore, has become increasingly popular as a smart drug, or nootropic, among students and working professionals.

Modalert is safe to take in its standard daily dosage of between 100 mg and 200 mg. Taken as recommended, by healthy individuals, Modalert 200 mg has a low risk of severe side effects. Minor side effects (typically rare) may include headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure, and loss of appetite.

Modalert is available to purchase online without a doctor's prescription through various Modafinil vendors, including ModafinilXl, BuyModafinilOnline, and BuyModa. It is also possible, through these recommended vendors, to have free Modalert tablets (Modalert 200 mg) delivered to your door.