WholisticResearch is all about the latest nootropics and peptides.

Founded in 2019, we aim to supply vendors as well as consumers with high-quality research compounds synthesized in our UK-based labs.

  • Why WholisticResearch is different: We sell the newest and most thoroughly researched stuff! There are thousands of unexplored ideas and compounds that we choose to develop after months of researching both the product and if needed, the synthesis route involved.
  • Why WholisticResearch can be trusted: We have already informed vendors about their products, why they need improving and why their nomenclature is incorrect and can prove that our principles are focused entirely on the efficacy of cognitive improvement of products and the transparency of business.
  • Why WholisticResearch is exciting: We have many brain improving products that are all obtainable. FDA approved, human tested, food-derived, not human tested, small molecules, peptides, multi functionalized complexes, plant-based, modifications to already known compounds. All brain-related.
  • Why cognition related compounds are more difficult to manufacture: The brain is a harsh environment for compounds in general, and chemically complex strategies are used to avoid this fact. New compounds are using more and more complicated strategies. Cognitive improvement isn't simple! Hands-on research is needed to know what the correct product is, and to get it made.

In 2021 WholisticResearch acquired domain names such as cli-online.com to expand its reach further.

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