WholisticResearch is all about the latest nootropics and peptides.

Founded in 2019, we aim to supply vendors as well as consumers with high-quality research compounds synthesized in our UK-based labs.

  • Why WholisticResearch is different: We sell the newest and most thoroughly researched stuff! There are thousands of unexplored ideas and compounds that we choose to develop after months of researching both the product and if needed, the synthesis route involved.
  • Why WholisticResearch can be trusted: We have already informed vendors about their products, why they need improving and why their nomenclature is incorrect and can prove that our principles are focused entirely on the efficacy of cognitive improvement of products and the transparency of business.
  • Why WholisticResearch is exciting: We have many brain improving products that are all obtainable. FDA approved, human tested, food-derived, not human tested, small molecules, peptides, multi functionalized complexes, plant-based, modifications to already known compounds. All brain-related.
  • Why cognition related compounds are more difficult to manufacture: The brain is a harsh environment for compounds in general, and chemically complex strategies are used to avoid this fact. New compounds are using more and more complicated strategies. Cognitive improvement isn't simple! Hands-on research is needed to know what the correct product is, and to get it made.

In 2021 WholisticResearch acquired domain names such as cli-online.com to expand its reach further.

Editorial Team

Meet the people behind WholisticResearch.

Jacob Kovacs

— Author —
Jacob Kovacs
Jacob Kovacs is a neuroscientist with an interest in the chemistry of peptides, especially those that are neuroactive. His research has spanned many scientific fields, but he currently focuses on the neurological side of pharmacology and neuroscience. He takes joy in learning and superseding current developments toward neurological diseases. His drug development is different from previous neuroactive peptides, as they are not subject to pharmacokinetic battles—meaning they are more efficient than those before them.

Jason Williams, PhD

— Reviewer —
Jason Williams PhD
Jason Williams is a neuroscientist with a PhD in Neuroscience from Princeton University. His main focus is on nootropics and other means of enhancing cognitive function and brain health. The neuroscience expert finds himself reviewing articles for WholisticResearch when he isn't busy working on cutting-edge nootropic peptides or walking his dog.

George Collins

— Contributor —
George Collins
George Collins is a neuroscientist with an in-depth understanding of nootropics. He has done research on the latest developments in the field, and regularly contributes his insights to WholisticResearch. George graduated with a degree in neuropharmacology, and was able to find work at one of the world’s leading labs for peptide research.

Yoko Hill

— Editor —
Yoko Hill
Yoko Hill is the editor at WholisticResearch. She has a deep interest in neuroscience and loves enhancing her cognitive function with various compounds and techniques. Yoko is always looking for new ways to help maximize her performance by making small changes in her lifestyle, like taking supplements or using brain training apps on a regular basis.
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