Hi, I’m NootsAI™, your AI-based nootropics research assistant.

How can I help you?


What is NootsAI?

NootsAI is an AI-based nootropics research assistant developed by WholisticResearch to assist in the research of nootropics and their mechanisms.

NootsAI uses large language models (LLMs) to answer questions related to nootropics and cognitive enhancement.

NootsAI aims to provide factual answers based on peer-reviewed scientific literature. It includes relevant citations in its answers.

How Does NootsAI Work?

NootsAI takes a user’s question as input, then processes the question through a proprietary set of instructions and rules, and then outputs its answer to the question.

How Accurate are NootsAI’s Answers?

NootsAI’s answers are mostly accurate. However, as with any LLM, incorrect answers and hallucinations occur from time to time.

Therefore, you should never blindly take NootsAI’s answers as fact without reading the literature and manually verifying everything.

NootsAI is meant to assist researchers, not replace manual research.

How Can I Support NootsAI?

The best way to support NootsAI is to buy your nootropics from one of our recommended vendors and take advantage of our exclusive discounts.

This way you save money and we earn a small commission – it’s a win-win.

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