Oxiracetam: Review of Effects, Dosage & Where to Buy

Looking to tap into the wonder of nootropics and unlock your brain’s full potential?

Oxiracetam is one nootropic drug that might do the job.

But how safe and effective is it?

In this review we’ll answer these questions and more by explaining how it works, its side effects, and more.

What Is Oxiracetam?

oxiracetam structure

Oxiracetam [R] is a popular supplement with nootropic effects that people have been using for years to boost their brain’s performance. Like many of the more popular nootropics, this one is a member of the Racetam family, which is a synthetic drug that boosts cognitive function, focus, and overall brain health.

Since it's a water-soluble nootropic, it can be taken orally or sublingually. Aside from boosting cognitive processes, it may also improve your verbal fluency and act as a mild stimulant to keep you energized and alert.

Mechanism of Action

What Is It Used For?

Like every other Racetam that you know, it effectively boosts the brain’s new memory-forming capability. That makes it a powerful study aid for people who need to do some serious cramming. It also helps with brain damage.

oxiracetam review

Where this one distinguishes itself from most other Racetams is its ability to serve as both a brain booster and a mild stimulant, simultaneously increasing thinking prowess and improving focus.

Its stimulant properties are similar to that of Phenylpiracetam, meaning the nootropic drug is potent enough to keep you awake. But unlike caffeine and other stimulants that promote wakefulness, Oxiracetam doesn’t leave you feeling wired or restless.

Aside from boosting the mental performance of healthy people, several human studies have tested its viability for treating cognitive decline and memory loss. The focus of such studies has been people with neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Based on a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, multi-infarct dementia treatment and memory restoration in aged patients with dementia can work with Oxiracetam [R]. Further research also indicates that it is safe and suitable for long-term therapy, especially for improving and preserving brain health in the elderly.

While there is evidence regarding the beneficial effects of Oxiracetam in treating older people, documented research regarding young, healthy people using the supplement is lacking. Nonetheless, many young people use it recreationally and claim it heightens their learning and memory ability, and more.

Effects & Benefits

Even though its use isn’t approved by the FDA, it works and offers a variety of nootropic benefits.

It's especially popular for the following benefits:

Improving Memory

Its benefits are wide-ranging, but it's most famous for enhancing memory formation and retention, as well as improving your speed of recall. These effects of this nootropic are by far the most studied in both animal and human tests, all of which indicate that it does improve memory.

Learning Enhancement

Anecdotal evidence indicates that Oxiracetam may boost the memory of students who need to cram for exams more than similar drugs. It can also promote analytical thinking, making it ideal for students who are tackling logic-intensive studies.

These are all possible because of its effect on the brain’s ability to form new memories and recall information. It speeds up both processes, making learning new things faster and more effective.

While there are no clinical studies involving young people that prove this claim, animal studies‍ and research involving dementia patients‍ have promising data.

Enhancing Verbal Fluency

Want to sound smarter and more eloquent? Several clinical studies indicate Oxiracetam can boost verbal fluency. Verbal fluency connects to your ability to retrieve information from your brain quickly. It will help you speak with greater eloquence by sharpening your mind.

That means no more pausing mid-sentence to find the right words to most effectively convey your message. Proof of its effectiveness is evident in the clinical trials involving individuals with dementia or age-related cognitive decline and cognitive impairment.

Because the drug also boosts memory formation and recall, it'll be helpful to those who are trying to learn a new language and not just to those with cognitive impairment.

Boosting Concentration and Focus

If you struggle with focusing on tasks, it can help by increasing your overall concentration. The more focused you are, the more time you can spend studying or completing tasks without your mind wandering and becoming distracted.

Brain Protection

As a neuroprotectant, it may prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia from forming or progressing. There’s evidence of this effect in studies involving animals with impaired memory formation. Other tests also indicate that it can alleviate blood-brain barrier dysfunction and protect against stroke.

Brain Blood Flow

Stay Awake and Alert

Always dozing at the wrong times? Oxiracetam is a mild psycho-stimulant that can inhibit sleep and keep you awake by increasing cerebral blood flow within the brain. So, if you need to pull an all-nighter, this nootropic can help.


Oxiracetam is a synthetic compound. As a dietary supplement, you can find it in the form of a water-soluble powder, tablets, or capsules that you can take orally or sublingually.

Since the drug is unregulated, general guidelines regarding its dosage are unavailable.

If it’s your first time using it, we recommend starting at the lowest effective dose and working your way up as necessary to meet your needs.

Since there are no reports of adverse effects from using it in high doses, there isn't much cause for concern.

In human clinical trials, patients took two doses per day for a combined 700 - 2,400 mg per day.

If using a similar dose, make sure your second dose is less than half of your first dose and taken by early afternoon. Using the drug any later could lead to its stimulant properties disrupting your sleep cycles.

For the best results, take your dose an hour before your study or other intended activity.

Once active, the drug has a half-life of 8-10 hours.

How to Take Oxiracetam?

Side Effects

According to research, there are no adverse effects from using Oxiracetam in normal or large doses. The compound is generally well tolerated by the human body, and there are no reports of severe side effects.

That said, first-timers that take higher-than-necessary doses may experience headaches or restlessness. The headaches occur due to Oxiracetam exhausting your brain's reserves of choline while delivering its desired effects. You can counteract such problems by using choline supplements alongside Oxiracetam.

Alternatively, you could eat more foods that contain choline, such as peanuts, eggs, and liver.

Some users also experience insomnia or restlessness. That’s due to using this late in the day, leading to its mild stimulant effect disrupting regular sleep patterns.

Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here’s feedback from real people on Reddit:

According to Psycho_student:

“...Today I absolutely smashed my Psychology exam on Oxiracetam and I just want to share my experience with this noot because I noticed so much difference in my cognition, especially memory, verbal comprehension and verbal fluency!!! I just can't help it… I studied for this exam for only three days and a significant amount of information I memorized was in the last 5 hours before the exam! It's so much easier than at my baseline memory.”

According to LosBuratnos:

“…I had 6 days to write 10,000 words on Chechen terrorism… Working 7-8 hours a day, for 6 days, I did my dissertation and got B1 (equivalent 17/20 points). The funniest thing is, right now if I read it, it makes a lot of sense and is actually a pretty interesting piece of research…Oxi gave me a significant increase in focus, to the point where I could work for 2-3 hours without even checking facebook. I was just reading/writing all the time. It's something that I could NEVER experience in real life. Would top it up with occasional Red Bull and a sandwich. The focus was just laser-sharp. It also helped me with memory (was clearly retaining more info in both short-term and long-term)…”


Stacking them with other nootropics amplifies the effects of Racetams. If you want the best results from using this as a cognitive enhancer and mild stimulant, you are better off stacking it with other nootropics. Here are some impressive nootropic stacks to try:

Choline Stack

The primary benefit of this nootropics stack is eliminating its mild potential side effects. That's because a shortage of choline in the body causes them.

For optimal effect, one may use 750 mg Oxiracetam and 300 mg Alpha GPC one to two times per day.

Pramiracetam Stack

Stacking this with other Racetams heightens its potency and makes it even more helpful for cognitive impairment. By stacking it with Pramiracetam, you’ll experience even more powerful cognitive enhancement. The combined CNS stimulation from both supplements also boosts alertness and mental energy.

One may use 750 mg Oxiracetam and 300 mg Pramiracetam once or twice a day for optimal effect.

Aniracetam Stack

Taking it with Aniracetam will boost your cognition and mood while lessening anxiety. The result is feeling sharper and pleasant, yet relaxed.

The nootropics stack works best with 750 mg of Oxiracetam and Aniracetam once or twice daily.

Where to Buy Oxiracetam?

You can buy Oxiracetam online from several vendors. But if you want a safe product that delivers the best results, buy from a reputable vendor with a track record for selling genuine nootropics.

Science.bio is a nootropics vendor, and they offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

How Much Does it Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your most pressing questions answered.

Are Racetams Safe?

Racetams are generally safe as long as you use them in proper doses. Even when used in higher doses, the side effect is usually minor.

How Much Should I Take?

Because it's unregulated, there are no fixed guidelines regarding its dose. Human clinical trials indicate using 700 - 2,400 mg per day split into two doses. Start at the lowest effective dose and work your way up as necessary to meet your needs.

Is Oxiracetam a Stimulant?

As a cholinergic, it releases acetylcholine in the brain. It’s a neurotransmitter that works as a mild psycho-stimulant.

What is Oxiracetam's Half-Life?


When you need a safe and effective way to boost your focus, memory, and general mental health, Oxiracetam is a potent and safe nootropic to try.

Even better, its side-effects are negligible, which makes its use generally safe.