Coluracetam Review: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage & Where to Buy

Some supplements make you physically healthier in little ways, while others improve your overall mental wellbeing.

Racetams are especially useful for the latter.

But is Coluracetam, a member of the Racetam family, as potent as similar nootropics?

Our Coluracetam review will answer this question by digging into the nootropic’s effectiveness, uses, safety, and more.

What Is Coluracetam?

coluracetam structure

Coluracetam (MKC-231) [R] might be less popular than other members of the Racetam family, but it’s nonetheless a potent nootropic for boosting memory and cognitive functions.

Even though it’s one of the newer members of the Racetam family of synthetic nootropics, this one is already making waves in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and anxiety.

The Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation created the drug in 2005 to test the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The drug didn't yield the desired results in clinical trials, but it did show great potential for boosting brain function.

Later on, BrainCells Inc., another pharmaceutical company, got the license to use Coluracetam and began testing it for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) treatment. Subsequent clinical trials showed enormous potential for using Coluracetam to treat people’s anxiety and depressive disorders.

Sadly, BrainCells Inc. discontinued trials, leading to a lack of concrete evidence regarding its medical benefits. Nonetheless, you can buy Coluracetam in the US as an over-the-counter dietary supplement for improving mood, motivation, and enhancing vision.

coluracetam review

Effects & Benefits

The effects of Coluracetam are very similar to that of Noopept, but the effect of Coluracetam is twice as strong. As a Racetam, the drug increases your body’s use of choline, which triggers the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh).

But unlike other Racetams that trigger acetylcholine production by stimulating specific receptors, Coluracetam works by increasing HACU (high-affinity choline uptake). The HACU system determines the speed at which neurons convert choline into acetylcholine.

Since acetylcholine influences the performance of our brains and Coluracetam speeds up its production, using the drug can lead to higher brain performance and alertness. Aside from these, other benefits include:

Boosted Memory and Learning

Several studies indicate that it improves memory and cognitive function in rats. While studies specifically proving the same thing in humans don't exist, theoretically, the results could be the same.

On the other hand, there is extensive anecdotal evidence supporting this theory, leading students to use the supplement to improve their academic performance.

The supplement helps boost academic performance by sharpening the focus of users. Anecdotal evidence also indicates the drug boosts short-term memory and free recall,‍ which makes studying and recollecting studied material a breeze.

In short, with the drug, reading comprehension, memorization, learning speed, and recall abilities all become heightened.

Heightening Vision

Here's something that not many Racetams and other nootropics can do. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence to back it up, several users claim that using Coluracetam boosts their vision in several ways, including shape recognition, color identification, and optical vividness.‍

For some users, it feels like viewing the world in HD, while others describe it as seeing lights brighter with sharper contrasts.‍

May Help with Mental Disabilities

Using Coluracetam can boost the learning ability of people with Alzheimer's and other mental disabilities. People with schizophrenia can also benefit from using the supplement to increase the activity of acetylcholine in the brain.

Since schizophrenia impedes the production of acetylcholine, using Coluracetam will help balance the production of this essential brain chemical.

Alleviating Depression and Anxiety

The BrainCells Inc. human clinical trials involving using Coluracetam to treat depression and anxiety were promising. While reports from present-day users vary, the feedback is generally good regarding Coluracetam’s effect on anxiety and depression.

Some describe the supplement as a mood booster that alleviates depression and anxiety, while others say it only has a positive impact on depression. But there are also reports from some users that state the drug actually triggers depression and anxiety.‍


Because the FDA doesn't regulate Coluracetam, there are no official guidelines regarding dosage. We could guess a dosing guideline from past human studies involving the drug, but sadly, most of the studies were on animals, not humans.

Nonetheless, based on the experiences of users, Coluracetam’s active dosage range seems to be between 5-20 mg. That said, the proper specific dose will differ if you are using the drug orally or sublingually.

Since sublingually gets more of the drug into your bloodstream, it'll require a small dose compared to taking it orally. Also, people who have MDD and anxiety problems may require larger doses of up to 100 mg 3 times per day.

While there’s no research indicating Coluracetam can lead to tolerance or dependence, we recommend starting at the lowest effective dose to be on the safe side. Over time, you can gradually increase the dose until you get the desired effect.

Side Effects

No animal or human studies on Coluracetam indicate any adverse side effects from using the drug. That makes the use of this supplement safe for most people.

But like every other drug, there is a higher risk of undesired effects if you use it beyond its recommended dosage. People who abuse Coluracetam in high doses are likely to experience headaches, which isn’t unusual with Racetams.

The brain exhausts its Choline reserves and causes these headaches. The effect is avoidable if you use Coluracetam alongside a choline supplement or eat choline-rich foods, such as eggs or liver.

Some users also report experiencing intermittent nausea and grogginess during the day. You can minimize these specific effects by reducing your dose.

To be on the safe side, consult your doctor before starting Coluracetam. Doing this is especially important if you are on other medications, pregnant, or nursing.

Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here’s feedback from real people on Reddit after trying Coluracetam:

According to SunFlesh:

“Definitely my favorite nootropic besides phenibut. The anxiolytic effects are great, also a very nice mood enhancer. And I noticed it significantly improved my vision, my short and long term memory, and even improved my verbal fluency… I suffer from depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and schizo effective disorder. 20 to 100 mg Coluracetam seems comparable to Zoloft in terms of helping anxiety. It also helps me keep calm during my delusion induced panic attacks…”

According to Gorthaur111:

“I haven't taken a lot of Coluracetam (only about half a gram), but I was one of the first people to ever take it back when Scienceguy got it synthesized…The benefits, while they were there, were remarkable. I had HD vision with incredible color saturation. My short-term memory was dramatically improved, as was my free recall. I was euphoric and confident as well. As time went on, I experienced a severe rebound effect. My memory was horrible, as was my mood, and so I stopped taking it.”

According to proxwell:

“I've been taking it about 2-3x/week for about 6 months, dosing usually in the 10mg to 20mg range. I haven't noticed a tolerance building and the effects are pretty consistent. I find it's most noticable in visual and spacial memory and creativity. It goes great with climbing and learning martial arts. I'm usually using it alongside various other racetams…”

Coluracetam Stacks

Whether you are trying to learn a new skill, lift your mood, or simply want to experience the world with greater clarity, you can get better results from Coluracetam by stacking it with other supplements.

Same as with other Racetams, Coluracetam becomes more potent when you stack it with other Racetams. It also stacks well with choline supplements like Alpha GPC. Stacking it with choline will minimize the risk of experiencing side effects and also boost the memory and cognitive benefits of the drug.

For the best action, your Choline + Coluracetam stack should be 300-600 mg daily for Alpha GPC and 10 to 20 mg daily Coluracetam.

Where to Buy Coluracetam?

You can buy Coluracetam online from several vendors. But if you want a safe product that delivers the best results, buy Coluracetam from a reputable vendor with a track record for selling genuine nootropics. is just that vendor and offers high-quality products at competitive prices.


You can improve your quality of life and experience higher levels of mental performance through Coluracetam. Since the supplement's side-effects are negligible, you can take it with no worries, especially if using it within safe doses.

But remember that people experience nootropics differently. So, while others may be able to use Coluracetam as a reliable mood lifter, it may not do the same for you. But at the very least, it should improve your memory and learning.