Adherex Technologies Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company committed to achieving scientific excellence. The company provides innovative solutions for cancer patients and safer ways to deal with cognitive issues and disorders.

Adherex Technologies Inc. hopes to reach its goal with these three factors:

  • A dedicated team that develops and commercializes novel cancer therapeutics
  • A diversified portfolio of innovative cancer and cognitive peptide compounds in preclinical and clinical development stages
  • Innovative products with significant therapeutic and commercial opportunity

This biotechnology company developed solutions to unmet cancer and cognitive enhancement needs. Their mission to solve cancer patients’ problems opened doors to partnerships and collaborations.

In November 2002, Adherex entered an exclusive license agreement with Oregon Health & Science University. The license is about granting Adherex the intellectual properties and the use of thiol-based compounds such as STS and NAC.

Also, with Adherex’s compounds’ potentials, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) closed a licensing pact about eniluracil and ADH-1. Both companies settled the deal with GSK, initially investing $3 million equity and potential payment of up to $220 million, plus extra royalties.

Adherex continues to highlight scientific publications in different journals such as:

  • The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Cancer and Metastasis Reviews
  • Molecular Membrane Biology 
  • Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
  • Life Sciences

Throughout the years, the evolution of illnesses made treatments more complicated, and Adherex’s devotion to advanced therapeutics led WholisticResearch to grow interest in acquiring the domain name

WholisticResearch is a resource for brain supplements and peptides. Their research has been providing its readers in-depth studies on brain-improving products. They believe that the brain is not an ideal environment for compounds. That’s why WholisticResearch use chemically complex strategies through their advanced research team to overcome this challenge.

WholisticResearch gained the trust of its vendors and readers. With their readers, they guarantee that all information they share is meticulously researched with the best recommendations to improve their brain and cognitive enhancement needs. WholisticResearch provides their vendors the guidance to improve their products, which focuses on effectiveness and impact on cognition.

WholisticResearch is known for its well-researched ideas and the most novel compounds that they develop. The company only recommends effective products that are readily available to consumers.

WholisticResearch promotes and sells compounds for research purposes. These products are as follows:

  • Hyaluronate FGL
  • P21 Peptide
  • Semax
  • DMAA Powder
  • GSB-106
  • NMN Powder

WholisticResearch ensures that these products are thoroughly analyzed. Their website prioritizes the well-being of its readers. Adherex Technologies Inc. would be on the same page with this advocacy.

They are known for leading innovative products such as Eniluracil, ADH-1, and Sodium Thiosulfate (STS). All of these products have promising success in the scientific field and commercial opportunities.

The CEO of WholisticResearch believes that acquiring the domain name of Adherex is a wise decision. Its diversified portfolio is an excellent addition to the company in leveraging the advocacy of cognitive improvement.

With Adherex’s 40 U.S.-issued patents and more than 50 pending worldwide, WholisticResearch is convinced that they can discover more and lead more innovations.

This domain acquisition widens its customer reach, opportunities, and equities. It also means reaching the goal of both companies to promote a safer way to medical treatments.

WholisticResearch believes that both companies could have come hand in hand to provide innovative treatments for cognitive issues and disorders, which is why they bought their domain name.

WholisticResearch is set to deliver the newest and most thorough research content related to Adherex. Its readers can expect new learnings for their mental and cognitive health.