Centrophenoxine Review: Benefits, Dosage & Where to Buy

Centrophenoxine is safe, non-toxic, beneficial, and one of the most potent nootropics on the market.

It is most helpful in improving the brain's overall health and cognitive functions. Reading Centrophenoxine reviews helps you gain more information about it.

You can find out how it helps you, its safe drug administration, health benefits, and potential side effects.

And, most importantly, you gain information about where to buy pure and reliable supplements.

structure of centrophenoxine

Meclofenoxate's main effects also include reducing aging symptoms like memory loss and dementia. Various studies also prove that it's an effective neuroprotectant and antioxidant that effectively reduces the impact of free radicals and toxins in the brain resulting in healthy brain cells.

Centrophenoxine is effective in increasing cognition when taken orally. When it crosses into the bloodstream, it works to break down lipofuscin deposits in cells which are considered "age spots" or age pigment.

The more lipofuscin the cells contain, the older they must be. The compound was initially developed after a research as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. But has since been proven helpful for patients with other neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson's disease (PD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Huntington's disease (HD).

Centrophenoxine is a compound that is created from DMAE and Dimethylethanolamine. It can be found naturally in some types of fish, such as anchovies, sardines, and herring, with trace amounts also being present in green vegetables and beans.

Centrophenoxine helps prevent the deterioration of neurons, but it also speeds up production in young, healthy neurons when it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

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EffectsBetter brain energy, longer lifespan, improve memory levels
Potential Side EffectsHeadache, body odor, increased blood pressure, insomnia, confusion
Half-Life30 min - 1 hour
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The supplement has been shown to improve memory and learning abilities in healthy individuals. It can also be used to treat certain life-altering difficult circumstances and chronic fatigue. Many users have reported that it improved their mental clarity within days of beginning its use.

Mechanism of Centrophenoxine

The mechanism of action for Centrophenoxine is that it provides a boost or stimulation of the brain and nervous system. This helps to improve mental acuity and overall cognitive performance once it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Centrophenoxine has been reported as being very effective in helping to reduce feelings of physical and mental fatigue while also enhancing users' moods.

It's known to work by optimizing cell oxygen use which helps the body produce energy more efficiently. In research, users of centrophenoxine report having greater stamina during exercise, higher vascularity, lower body fat storage (fat loss), less fatigue after workouts, quicker recovery time between sets/repetitions, etc.

Effects on the Brain

Centrophenoxine is a drug typically used to help people who have been suffering from senile dementia or traumatic brain injury. In a clinical trial, it has been shown to improve memory and concentration. Research and studies reported that those who suffer from acute or chronic fatigue and mild cognitive impairment could also benefit from taking Centrophenoxine.

Centrophenoxine works by increasing the production of catecholamines, which are neurotransmitters in the brain.

Centrophenoxine may help protect the brain from excess levels of glutamate, which can damage neurons.

In addition, Centrophenoxine also protects against oxidative stress caused by toxins within cells. It helps remove waste products from cells while protecting them from toxins through its antioxidant capabilities. Through these properties, Centrophenoxine has been proven to help slow down the aging process.

Catecholamines play a significant role in the functioning of the nervous system and are vital for cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. Centrophenoxine is said to have a lasting effect of up to 8 hours.

For this reason, people who are tired during the day can take Centrophenoxine to help them feel less tired.

What Is Centrophenoxine Used for?

Centrophenoxine is an ester compound of DMAE and pCPA, which helps increase choline levels. It prevents the uptake of choline in peripheral body tissues while increasing choline brain levels.

review of centrophenoxine

PCPA helps DMAE are supplements that easily cross the blood-brain barrier and makes it an excellent addition to your nootropic stack. Besides, it boosts oxygen flow to improve your brain energy levels, memory, and mental abilities.

Benefits & Effects

With this compound being under research and clinical trial for over 60 years, it comes with clearly proven and tested benefits. This is a highly water-soluble supplement, which means it enters the brain quickly after consumption.

Here is the list of benefits it offers:

Improved Memory Levels

Centrophenoxine improves the brain's acetylcholine levels, which in turn enhances memory and learning. It improves memory by improving communication between neurons. It especially helps with long-term memories in storing and retrieving them

Medical studies have proven that it's more effective than Alpha GPC and gives better results in older people.

Better Cognitive Functions

Not many know that it's also a DMAE prodrug that reduces the accumulation of harmful molecules in the brain that diminishes cognitive functioning.

The removal of these molecules in older people slows down the aging process and old age brain damage. Besides, as it absorbs much better than other DMAE, it improves brain functions and helps fight dementia.

Longer Lifespan

Clinical trial on the rat brain in arch gerontology geriatrics has proven that the effects of Centrophenoxine can expand a mouse's lifespan by 30-50% in a study. The brain cell membranes are made of fat and tend to oxidize as we age. This leads to an accumulation of free radicals in the brain that can't be efficiently removed by brain cells as you grow.

However, Centrophenoxine helps eliminate the lipofuscin and free radicals in the brain. It also prevents the accumulation of cellular waste and thus keeps the mind clean.

Better Brain Energy

Brain energy depends on the amount of oxygen and glucose ingested. Centrophenoxine has a vital role in improving the brain's chemical activity by improving glucose and oxygen absorption.

The increased fuel in your mind gives you more motivation to work and improves your concentration levels so that you remain focused for more extended periods.

How Does It Work in the Brain?

Research conducted on the effects of Centrophenoxine for over 60 years has proven in arch gerontology geriatrics that it's a precursor to acetylcholine. It improves the brain's acetylcholine levels to improve the brain's cognitive abilities and performance subsequently.

This was the result of the research:

  • It first gets converted into phospholipids, which in turn increase the production of acetylcholine.
  • It also breaks down to become choline in the brain, which also improves acetylcholine production.
  • It also improves blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain to provide for improved mental energy levels.
  • It also functions as an antioxidant because it smoothly transitions from blood to the brain.

Thus, it protects the brain from free radicals and flushes away the other cellular trash and toxins, negatively affecting the brain. Research shows that the cellular waste is only lipofuscin or age pigments that show up as 'age or liver spots on aging skin.

They exist in cells through the body and organs, which Centrophenoxine capsules help remove. It, in the process, helps improve your health, increases your lifespan, boosts brain health, and comes with all related anti-aging benefits.


Like any other supplement, it's better to start with a low dose. You can check to see how you feel after and if there's any noticeable difference. You can slowly increase the dosage to get the effects you want once you gauge how it works for anti-aging and in general.

centrophenoxine dosage

While most people tolerate the recommended dose, the starting dosage is about 250 mg, split twice a day. Some people take more than 1000 mg. It's because they grew resistant to the supplement with time and weren't sensitive to it when they started using it.

We recommend taking 400mg of Centrophenoxine, 1-2 times daily with food. It can also be mixed into a drink such as iced tea, iced coffee, iced fruit punch, lemonade, etc., for an even better taste and more efficient absorption in the bloodstream due to the high bioavailability rate particular method of ingestion.

It's usually older people or those with severe memory problems who tend to increase the dosage. While it's great to experience increased energy levels, please don't take it before bed unless you want to end up disrupting your sleeping patterns.

How to Use Centrophenoxine?

As with any drug, Centrophenoxine should be taken at the lowest possible dosage to achieve desired results. Centrophenoxine must be ingested orally with a drink of water. It can also be dissolved in drinks or food for ease of ingestion.

Research shows that nootropics and other supplements can interfere with each other and the primary mechanism of action for Centro is by increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain. For this reason, it would be best to avoid taking Centrophenoxine at the same time as a choline supplement that works to boost acetylcholine activity.

You should take these two things hours apart from one another. People dealing with decreased cognitive function may benefit from combining Centrophenoxine with DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) or Alpha GPC (Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine).

This is because while Centro works to increase acetylcholine levels, DMAE and Alpha GPC also work to maintain or boost choline levels in the brain, which are essential for forming acetylcholine.

Side Effects

Centrophenoxine is generally a safe supplement, and there shouldn't be any severe effects in people without any serious medical issues.

However, like any other drug, some people may experience some potential health side effects like:

  • Stomach
  • Irritability and issues
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Body odor
  • Moderate depression
  • Increased blood pressure

Anyone who notices the abovementioned problems should lower the dosage or consult their doctor for medical advice. It is also perhaps better to stop using it if the symptoms persist.

side effects of centrophenoxine

Precautions should also be taken when taking Centrophenoxine because it is known through research that high doses of this supplement can cause liver damage in some people who already have existing liver issues.

Those with bipolar disorder or epilepsy should take great care when taking Centrophenoxine because it has been known to trigger seizures in these individuals.

Women who are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant within the next few months should not take Centrophenoxine as there is no evidence on how it will affect a child's development.

Experiences Shared on Reddit

You can realize the health benefits and work of Centrophenoxine better after taking a look at the information and experiences of some Reddit users:

According to radavasquez:

"I have had great success with that. No measurable success with any others I have tried."

According to haladura:

"Currently on 250mg 6X daily for lipofuscin removal. I do it for about a month and then take a month or two off. Third round of this. I wish I had photographed my skin for a 'before' and 'after' the difference on the surface is clear and obvious."

Centrophenoxine Stacks

Now that you know how Centrophenoxine works, it's time to look at information about other medical drugs and supplements that enhance benefits when stacked with it. Always select drugs that offer positive brain reactions when used as a stack using the proper doses.

Centrophenoxine can be used on its own but is usually stacked with other supplements that work synergistically to boost their overall effects for even better results.

  • Piracetam. Piracetam is the parent racetam class compound in a nootropic supplement. It makes a great stack with Centro because the two complement each other well. The choline in Centrophenoxine helps reduce the headaches that some people experience while taking piracetam.
  • Noopept. Noopept makes a great stack and powerful synthetic nootropic. It helps improve the experience thanks to its proven cognitive enhancement properties for improved mental abilities and learning. It even has additional neuroprotective properties that protect the brain from different factors, which generally impair cognition. Besides, there is even proof that noopept helps reduce anxiety.
  • L-Theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves. It makes an excellent nootropic supplement stack for its many benefits. It helps reduce stress, induce relaxation, increase reaction time, and even improve mental alertness and concentration levels.

Where to Buy Centrophenoxine Powder & Capsules?

Ordering nootropic supplements online is probably the best way to buy any nootropic. However, the problem is that there are so many vendors online that you must perform a thorough check before purchasing anything from a new vendor.

Unlike some drugs which may require prescriptions, Centrophenoxine drug administration is safe. So it is legal to order as much as you need online. It's worth buying enough for an entire month because you may get discounts.

LiftMode is a great place to buy your stock of Centrophenoxine. The site is known for selling excellent and 100% pure nootropics and supplements. They are so confident about their purity that they offer a 90 days 100% money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your questions answered.

How Long Does it Take for the Effects of Centrophenoxine to Work?

It takes about 30-60 minutes after consumption to start working.

Centrophenoxine research has found it effective in reducing the effects of brain aging by stimulating acetylcholine production. It does this by inhibiting cholinesterase, an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine in the brain. This means it can extend the lifespan of acetylcholine, which improves cognitive function, brain health, and memory.

Most people who take Centrophenoxine find they start noticing its beneficial effects after four weeks of use but may feel some initial side effects such as headache and nausea in the first few days. These will usually pass within a week or two, and many people don't experience them at all.

Is Centrophenoxine a Choline Source?

Yes, it is a good choline source.

Centrophenoxine is a choline source and a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease. Centrophenoxine is a precursor to acetylcholine, which is one of the neurotransmitters associated with memory formation.

Choline, which Centrophenoxine converts into, can also help boost mental clarity as it helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine and provide more of it.


It's essential to keep your body healthy, but you also need to keep your brain sharp to focus better, especially as you grow old. Centrophenoxine is one of the better supplements in the market, as seen in this guide.

It's perfect for adults looking for enhanced long- and short-term memories and seniors trying to treat, cure, or prevent dementia or any form of mental decline. It's also safe to use, having been tried and tested proven in clinical trials for years.

While there may be some side effects, they shouldn't exist if you take them responsibly and in the proper dosage.