Fladrafinil (CRL-40,941) Review: Effects & Where to Buy

Fladrafinil is now my solution during times of low energy levels and unproductiveness.

I have tried countless energy drinks and supplements, but some of the products worked only for a few days or a few hours.

Well, everything turned right up when I started using Fladrafnil.

With this nootropic, I way more enjoy my wakefulness and better brain function during work hours without any crash and sleepiness. I feel active and sharp in the workplace, even with little quality sleep.

What makes FladrafinilCRL 40,941 different from other energy supplements?

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Let’s dive into this Fladrafinil review and find out.

What is Fladrafinil?

Fladrafinil (also called Fluorafinil or CRL 40 941) is a nootropic referred to as a “smart drug” or a study pill with a molecular weight of 325.330 g/mol classified as a eugeroic.

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According to scientific references, its chemical structure includes a bis (p-fluoro) ring-substituted derivative of adrafinil with a molar mass of 325.33 g/mol.

The drug was first founded in the 1970s, and a patent was then issued in France. As a matter of fact, because of its potency, it is used by students and a number of other people to improve brain function, memory, and focus.

As a disclaimer, although it has similar effects as Modafinil and Adrafinil capsules, it still has differences. Studies have shown that Fladrafinil poses an anti-aggressive effect on animals and has the ability to increase motivation. Something that the other eugeroics do not have.

Imagebuy fladrafinil
EffectsWakefulness, alertness, focus, lower aggression
Potential Side EffectsHeadache, insomnia, nausea, restlessness, digestive upsets
Half-Life14 - 16 hours
Common Dosage50 - 200 mg daily
Content54 tablets x 40 mg
Money Back GuaranteeCase-by-case
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5
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With a much lower amount or a dose of 2-[bis(4-fluorophenyl) methyl sulfinyl]-N-hydroxyacetamide, a person may experience a state of wakefulness and focus without any symptoms or case of serious side effects.

What Does It Do & How Does It Work?

Fladrafinil (2-[bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl sulfinyl]-N-hydroxyacetamide), 2-[Bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]sulfinylethanehydroxamic acid storage store at room temperature, avoiding heat and light, for it to effectively mimic the effects of Adrafinil and Modafinil.

Customers often use this powder drug substance in the USA for the treatment of insomnia or narcolepsy.

Once 2-[bis(4-fluorophenyl)methyl sulfinyl]-N-hydroxyacetamide is ingested, the ingredients are metabolized into modafinil and affect the central nervous system.

Effects & Benefits

Taking the Fladrafinil or Fluorafinil powder (CRL 40,941) will give you similar cognitive effects, benefits, and experiences as other smart pills, stimulants, or compounds.

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Anecdotal records show heightened attention among individuals that helps them focus and concentrate. 

Here is the range of benefits of CRL 40,941.

  • Wakefulness
  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Memory formation and recall
  • Cognition
  • Lower aggression
  • Calmative properties

Although the drug has similar health effects as other smart drugs, the powder must be used by people who have, in a manner, developed tolerance to another smart pill over time. 

Dosage & How to Take Fladrafinil Capsules and Powder

Fladrafinil is noted as significantly more powerful than Adrafinil dosage. Hence, a lower dose is recommended to achieve the desired result.

New users should only take 30 to 80 mg dosage of the capsule or powder. The administration should be within 14 to 16 hours daily for more than a week.

Then, you can increase the dose but not exceed more than 200 mg daily combination of doses. 

Please be advised that using Fladrafinil might have risks involved if you have other medications or medical conditions.

Side Effects

Since the use ofFladrafinil, there have been no reported serious medical issues in taking the powder. It may even be used as a treatment for anxiety, stress, and pain with the recommended dose and frequency. Again, further studies on humans must be made.

The Fladrafinil product has not gone through extensive laboratory research use and has not produced any scientific evidence or anecdotal evidence to prove all these other than animals. So, if you are in doubt, it is best to consult your doctor or some medical experts before taking the drug.

Where to Buy Fladrafinil Powder and Capsules?

Ony reputable websites sell the genuine quality powder form. But it is sold only for laboratory research use and research purposes. These online vendors also offer supplements or any chemical related to treatment compounds.

Do your research and check out trusted vendors who have the powder Fladrafinil for sale.

I bought it from PureRawz for $40.10, as I don’t see any other more reputable website than this one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your questions answered.

Is It Legal?

Yes. Although the chemical powder has not had enough human laboratory research to prove its safety and effectiveness, no article or data states that it is not legal. FladrafinilCRL 40,941 is intended for study and laboratory research use material.

Fladrafinil vs. Flmodafinil: What's the Difference?

Fladrafinil, or in other terms CRL 40941 and CRL 40940, are both smart drugs or nootropics available in powder form. Both have been created for human consumption to prolong attention span, increase focus, and better cognitive function. 

FladrafinilCRL 40,941 is a prodrug of Flmodafinil. The latter is an inactive compound that metabolizes to produce a drug when taken into the body. 


TheFladrafinil reviews or Fladrafinil CRL 40,941 powder reviews vary from positive to negative. 

I am convinced of its effects, and for some time now, I can still feel the positive result. 

Let’s keep in mind that results may vary depending on how your body reacts to it.