Noopept And Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Updated on January 28, 2024
 by — reviewed by Jason Williams, PhD (Contributor: George Collins / Editor: Yoko Hill)
Essential insights on combining Noopept with alcohol.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Noopept work well with alcohol?

That aside from getting sober the easiest way, you also get to reboot your brains and reduce the damaging effects of liquor consumption?

As we age, we know how alcohol can affect our behavior.

Some can no longer brave liquor nights, and if in case they still can, they can no longer stand the throbbing headache the next day due to a hangover.

What if Noopept is the answer to keeping you sober?

What if it can make you a potential match for younger drinkers?

Noopept Overview

Noopept has long been a fascinating supplement for nootropics users since its development in the 90s, which is also why we published our Noopept analysis. Do you wonder why this substance has gained such popularity?

It’s known to be effective in strengthening cognitive capabilities and in fighting anxiety or depression.

Research and reviews show that Noopept improves brain wave activities that help people increase their focus and improve memory.

It generally makes you feel well, positive, and motivated.

Noopept is the go-to substance for nootropics users as they swear on its minimal side effects.

These and other benefits are why it’s respected in the industry as the number one nootropics.

Can You Drink Alcohol with Noopept?

People consume alcohol to enhance sociability due to increased confidence. They can escape their problems as it temporarily dulls the senses and raises the excitement of being drunk.

Surprisingly, Noopept is being used by many people as their pill to combat the side effects caused by drinking. Yes, you’ve read it right. Interesting, isn’t it?

Noopept can increase the metabolism of brain cells and improves the generation of neurons. With these, users are taking it hours before drinking to increase their alcohol tolerance. Some even take Noopept at night.

Read on to learn more about how nootropics can save you from hangover misery.

Noopept and Alcohol

Various testimonials claimed that the interactions between alcohol and Noopept have resulted in lessened drunkenness. This is due to Noopept’s stimulative effects.

People feel that they’re not as drunk as they actually are. Others are often surprised by how they’ve passed their alcohol limits.

Nootropics enthusiasts who took the time to experiment claimed that with Noopept, they still have total control of their bodily movements and have a high awareness of what’s happening in their surroundings.

For some, they claimed that drinking alcohol was no longer desirable due to Noopept. With regular usage of this nootropic, they’ve lost their cravings for a bottle of beer and only crave on a situational basis.

In terms of eliminating hangovers, it was proven to be effective.

Can Alcohol Affect Cognition?

Drinking alcohol can affect cognitive capabilities. Notice that if you are intoxicated with alcohol, you find it hard to acquire, store, or retrieve information.

Also, the most distinct brain effect is the impairment of one’s visuospatial abilities. People will find it hard to perceive and remember the locations of objects.

One classic example of this visuospatial ability impairment is when you’re drunk and can’t safely drive a car. This is why it is not recommended for drunk people to drive.

Another thing to note is that some may experience alcohol flush in which one develops red blotches or flushes on the face and other body areas.

Effects on Focus and Concentration

Taking Noopept before alcohol consumption allows you to increase intellectual acuity and maintain your body at normal levels.

It enables you to overcome the drunken behavior of having uncontrolled thoughts and actions—an excellent way to combat the dark influences of alcohol.

Aside from Noopept, Phenylpiracetam is a safe nootropic to be mixed with alcohol, unlike Noopept and Phenibut.

Your tolerance will decrease, but you will experience clearheadedness and be more centered.

You may place the substance under your tongue and let it dissolve to be absorbed through the present tissues into your blood. Just be warned of the taste as it could be a little bit nauseating.

Effects on Mood and Motivation

Typically you will suffer from a horrible hangover the following day that you’d wish to free yourself from the headache. Noopept is a good hack for you not to experience this scenario.

Many users take it first before alcohol drinking. If you’re like the others, you may use it after. Feel free, and take the time to experiment and discover which works best for you.

One thing guaranteed by the users is that you may wake up feeling smart, fresh, and cheerful the next morning like you’ve never consumed even a drop of alcohol.

This is possible since Noopept is a known nootropic that works in the brain to brighten your mood, boost your energy, and fight sleepiness.

Effects on Mental Alertness

Noopept being taken first before drinking provides sharpness in mind. Users get the advantage of being conscious despite the higher alcohol intake.

The brighter side of this is that you’ll be aware if you’ve passed your normal alcohol limit and so you would know when to stop before you’ve drunk too much.

Aside from Noopept, another nootropic named Adrafinil promotes wakefulness, positive mood, and alertness. It is a synthetic stimulant like Noopept, but it doesn’t usually cause hyperactivity.

The reason that many users prefer Noopet over Adrafinil is that the latter metabolizes into Modafinil, which can cause harm to the liver. There’s no research evidence confirming Adrafinil’s safety for the liver.

What more if you’ll combine Adrafinil with alcohol? It would be unwise to do so since there’ll be greater liver damage. Just go with the safe side, which is Noopept.

Cognitive impairment happens when drinking too much. It can affect the job performances of adults and academic learnings and achievements in students.

When drunk, it is expected that your motor functions are impacted and, somehow, your speech as well.

With Noopept, most feel to be less drunk than they were. Meanwhile, others experimented that this nootropic, when mixed with alcohol, gives a deceptive result.

Others claimed that it either makes them feel drunker than they actually are or gets them really drunk quickly.

Noopept works to improve cognitive abilities and coordinated motor skills.

You’ll still be capable of logic and reasoning while eliminating hangovers allowing you to be on top of your performance the following day.

Other nootropics that are great for productivity after alcohol consumption are Phenylpiracetam and L-Theanine. Phenylpiracetam increases oxygen properties, and L-Theanine provides relaxation allowing productivity and focus.

As an alternative for Noopept, using L-Theanine first before drinking increases clearheadedness and lowers social anxiety. It reduces alcohol levels, which allows you to get drunker.

If taken after, it diminishes brain fog and promotes well-being the following morning.

Dosage and When to Take Noopept with Alcohol

Noopept comes in three forms. The first is a capsule, the second is a powder, and the third is via nasal spray.

The regular dose per day is only 10 mg. For best results, it’s recommended to take 10 to 30 mg per day.

For alcohol consumption, others get different results depending on their alcohol tolerance and Noopept’s dosage.

It’s best to take the time to consult your doctor first to fit your dosage requirement.

Most users take Noopept hours before they drink, and some take it after with the expectation of eliminating hangover the following day.

Feel free to try both processes and discuss this with your doctor if a trial is necessary.

Benefits and Side Effects

Noopept, if taken appropriately, allows your cognitive processes to work normally, even with alcohol in your body.

It promotes a good mood, lessens anxiety, and removes the adverse effects of alcohol.

Naturally, people would feel a little sluggish after, but Noopept can eliminate this feeling.

You’ll still be able to use your motor skills and not impair your movement. You’ll still be able to walk normally and feel in control of your actions.

For some, it may be different. They may still have mental agility, but their movements might be affected. The effects may vary from person to person.

As others feel numb with alcohol in their body, some take advantage of Noopept and other nootropics.

Due to its addictive properties, others are guilty of alcohol abuse. If things get worse, some opt for alcohol withdrawal with the guidance of a doctor.

Other known side effects of taking the nootropic with alcohol in higher doses are:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach Ache
  • Sleep Problems
  • Short Term Memory Problems


Noopept, if taken accordingly, gives you surprising benefits. It’s a matter of when and how much you will take to reap the desired benefits.

If you like taking it hours before drinking taking into account your limit, it will help you maximize its usage. Make sure you will not pass your limit to avoid much intoxication and serious side effects.

Meanwhile, taking Noopept after alcohol consumption is best recommended. You will not get out of control this way, thinking that your tolerance increases, but it’s really Noopept that does the trick.

It’s best to be careful in something that lessens your sensitivity to alcohol. As you temporarily don’t feel its effects due to the higher dosage, it will still later take a toll.

Also, taking Noopept after boozing liquor minimizes the alcohol damage, makes you free from the hangover misery, and allows you to be productive as usual.