Dynamine (Methylliberine) Stimulant Review: Benefits & Dosage

Updated on May 20, 2023
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Dynamine perks up energy levels making it ideal to use as a pre-workout supplement.

Prior to any strenuous activity, this supplement is known to help provide the right boost to keep up with the tasks at hand.

The product gives a similar effect as caffeine but without the jitters, increased heart rate, or overly stimulated mood.

This compound’s effects are rapid and can cause enhanced physical energy, mental alertness, and feelings of happiness.

To know more about Dynamine and whether it is a fitting supplement for you, plunge right into this review.

What is Dynamine (Methylliberine)?

Dynamine is also known as Methylliberine [R] and has no other ingredients. Although sounding like a chemical, it is a compound that is commonly found in coffee beans and specifically in Kucha tea leaf. It is a uric acid derivate of xanthine and is identified as a better compound to uplift mood.

dynamine methylliberine

Methylliberine is a purine alkaloid found to be similar to caffeine and the only ingredient in Dynamine. It occurs in nature, and several reviews present evidence on how it enhances cognitive sharpness and physical energy when consumed.

People feel sleepy and tired because of the binding of adenosine receptors. When taken into the body, it prevents this action making you feel more energetic and alert. The supplement also works to increase the dopamine level that is responsible for making you feel happy.

The positive effects of the product are backed up by Compound Solutions who manufactures Dynamine as a patented Methylliberine.

EffectsIncreases dopamine level, enhances mood, energy and focus
Potential Side EffectsSlight dizziness and nausea
Half-Life3 hours
Common Dosage1 - 2 capsules daily
Content90 capsules
Money Back Guarantee30 days
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5
Best VendorClick Here ›

Another patented creation of Compound Solutions is Theacrine (Teacrine) which is also an alkaloid and has similar effects to Dynamine. This alkaloid is consumed to treat cure or prevent common cold, aging, and fatigue.

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Gym enthusiasts prefer it over other energy boosting supplements because of its fast-acting benefits without any drawbacks, unlike chemical stimulants. The effects are also recorded to have been better compared with Teacrine.

The ability of the product to regulate adenosine receptors and provide a boost in energy makes it the chosen pre-workout supplement. This is the best option for those who exercise later in the day or at night as its effects are short-lived.

When compared with caffeine, it delivers the expected punch even in small doses.

A 100 mg dose is enough to boost physical energy without interfering with sleep. It is not as intense as caffeine and people who are looking for a longer effect may consume a higher dose.

Other than as an energy stimulant, Dynamine also has less potential for tolerance build-up. Unlike caffeine, it has a shorter half-life, has no effect on blood pressure and has no withdrawal issues.

Effects & Benefits of Dynamine

Methylliberine helps in the increase of energy, mood and focus. The body-builders have benefited from this natural stimulant by showing improved routine and energy.

dynamine pre workout

Those who take fitness seriously also get the following benefits:

  • Energy boost. The product's ability to regulate adenosine from binding to its receptors increases the energy levels of the users. They can finish their workouts without feeling tired and sleepy.
  • Improved performance. When there is an increased amount of energy, people who take the supplement before exercise can feel improvement in their performance. They can push themselves to work harder and finish their target routine.
  • Mental alertness. The supplement boosts focus and alertness on whatever task they may have as it works like caffeine. It is a drug that works against mental exhaustion and so information is better grasped and understood.
  • Positive mood. The dopamine levels are increased in the body and make the person feel happy, content and positive. The product provides a sense of euphoria and boosts positivity in any situation. It prevents feelings of stress and fatigue.
  • No drawback. People who take caffeine feel lethargic after it wears off. The good thing about Dynamine is that you won’t feel like the energy has been depleted out of you after it tapers off. You will feel just normal and not irritable or sleepy.
  • Improved connection. Since the supplement stimulates the important functions of the brain for focus and energy, there is an improved mind and body connection as you perform your tasks. This also works well while at the gym. You will reap from the connection and thus attain the result that you want.
  • Fast-acting. It's favoured over Teacrine because its effects are felt almosLowestt immediately after taking it. It lasts for at least 3 hours in the body and naturally wears off without any unpleasant feeling.

Other benefits also include faster fat and calorie burn and retained sleep patterns. Methylliberine does not have the side effects of caffeine. When taken, it increases oxygen uptake.

Additionally, with increased energy, the body is programmed to exert that extra energy during a workout, which makes this such a perfect pre-workout. Sleep patterns are also retained since it is not interfering with sleep.

Dosage & How to Use Dynamine

Dynamine has a shorter half-life and its effects last for about 3 hours. It takes 20 minutes after ingestion before it kicks in.

The recommended dose is 100-200 mg taken twice daily although some companies already include Methylliberine dosage of more than 300 mg. The effect will be at its peak after about 45 minutes. So if used as a pre-workout, it is best taken an hour before you hit the gym.

It's available in both capsule and powder form. The powder form can be mixed with nootropics stacks and is not advised to be taken as it is because of its awful taste.

Dynamine Side Effects

There have been no reported serious side effects perhaps because it is a natural stimulant. It works similar to caffeine and works better than Teacrine, but the better part is, it does not have any unpleasant effect that might prevent you from using it.

Only rare issues of slight nausea and dizziness have been aired but so far there are no adverse side effects [R].

The product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

Dynamine Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here is what the users have to say about the supplement.

According to Midnight 2012:

“In my experience, dynamine work similarly to caffeine, but kicks in faster and lasts for less time. I take it if I need a quick pick me up, and its past 5pm, and I still want to be able to sleep at night…”

According to Doug Vitale:

“For me dynamine has an effect similar to but less dramatic than caffeine. Put another way, taking a decent amount of caffeine will make me go from 1 to 7, and then back to one after several hours. Dynamine, however, makes me go from 1 to 4 but I stay at 4 for the whole day.”

Where to Buy Dynamine?

To experience the effects of this unique energy booster and better caffeine replacement, it is imperative to buy from a website that has a gold standard when it comes to supplements like Pure Nootropics. It is a reputable online shop that offers its customers a wide range of supplements.

You may want to check their customer reviews and feedback so you would know what to expect when you purchase items or another formula from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dynamine has been the answer for an energy-boosting supplement without the side effects of caffeine. Here is more about it.

Is Dynamine a Stimulant?

It's a natural stimulant that is formulated to boost energy, focus, and mood. It increases alertness in people and is used to support the body’s ability to last a strenuous activity.

Dynamine vs. DMAA

DMAA or Dimethylamylamine is a nasal decongestant and is used as a stimulant that aids to boost energy, sharpen memory, improved physical performance and weight loss.

Body-builders and fitness enthusiasts use it the same way as Dynamine however, the substance is banned from most sports because of its dangerous side effects.

It mimics the adrenaline flow in the system causing increased heart rate, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

It is generally sold in jars or bags and does not have appropriate measuring equipment enclosed. Nevertheless, its recommended dose is between 10-20 mg.

On one hand, Dynamine is a natural stimulant that is very safe to use and does not have any adverse side effects.

After extensive research on several college students, those who used it for 4 straight weeks had not shown any significant effects on heart rhythm, resting heart rate, blood pressure, and psychometric parameters.

Compared with DMAA, Dynamine is proven safe to use as backed up by studies and extensive research [R].


Dynamine has a special formula that helps increase mental and physical performance similar to caffeine and Teacrine.

Although the product is a purine alkaloid as Teacrine, it is proven to have a better reaction to human consumption.

The evident maximum results of the supplement make it a better option to consume before workouts and other activities that may need a boost of energy and focus. Including Dynamine in the routine may work differently from each individual. Some people stack it with other supplements to achieve optimum results.

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Hit your fitness target and stay on task with a little boost of energy, mood, and focus from Dynamine.

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