Flmodafinil Review: CRL-40,940 Dosage & Where to Buy

While you think you can’t have that extra burst of energy to finish your day’s task, this Flmodafinil review shares the shiny bits that turn on your brain switch.

Tagged as the most powerful nootropic to improve study and work, Flmodafinil or CRL-40,940 gets all the talk about improved performance, wakefulness, and quick thinking.

It will be easier to understand why CRL-40,940 should get all the praises when we know how it was discovered.

So let’s dive in.

What is Flmodafinil (CRL-40,940)?

flmodafinil CRL-40,940 structure

It was in the 1970s when people started looking for a cure for sleeping disorders and narcolepsy.

After intensive research and laboratory tests, adrafinil became available. The drug helped people become more attentive and positive.

In a study, it was found out that it was not adrafinil who does all the work. Once taken into the body it metabolizes producing the chemical modafinil or methylsulfinyl acetamide.

Adrafinil is simply the precursor to make modafinil work.

People looked up to modafinil as the perfect nootropic and it was even branded as a smart drug [R].

However, further studies came to the final development of flmodafinil CRL-40 940 also known as bisfluoromodafinil and lauflumide [R].

CRL-40 940 is a derivative of modafinil that lasts 40% longer and has higher bioavailability. Meaning it is more readily absorbed and requires less time to kick in.

Phases of clinical trials have been conducted since CRL-40,940 was patented in 2013.

The completion of its investigation is being anticipated as it turns out to be a non-amphetamine that promotes wakefulness and lasts for longer periods.

What is the Use of Flmodafinil?

The initial purpose of this nootropic is to promote wakefulness to those who are experiencing narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a recurrent brain and spinal cord condition that makes people unable to control sleep.

This derivative of modafinil will help you get things done. Your productivity will be covered as it promotes quick thinking, increased energy, and improved performance.

It is constructed from 2 bis fluoro-groups so even at a single dose, you will feel the kick of an improved cognition shortly after taking it.

Benefits & Effects

As the final development of adrafinil, CRL-40 940 works like magic when you use it even at a small dose.

Its wonders are listed here.

  • Neuroprotective agent. Like coffee, CRL-40 940 has the benefits of caffeine. It is a stimulant that will keep you alert and active. One positive point is that Its effects last for a longer period compared to modafinil.
  • Dopamine reuptake inhibitor. When you are feeling a little bit off that means there is not enough dopamine available in your brain. The product works to produce feelings of motivation, reward, and confidence.
  • Antidepressant. Working as a stimulant, each dose gives a feeling of pleasure. The decrease in dopamine signals may cause depression. CRL-40 940 spreads the feeling of excitement in the brain making you feel better.
  • Anti-aggressive. It works to improve aggressive conditions. It works as an inhibitor that calms you at times when you feel uneasy or agitated. The benefits of this product are intense that the cells in the brain are diverted to carry the message of pleasure to more neurons. It is a nootropic that promises its users wakefulness, focus, and enhanced mental alertness. There are also additional benefits that you can get from it. Its use can also be accounted for the following effects:
  • Enhanced cognition. The brain’s switch is turned on even with a small dose of CRL-40 940. It works as a central nervous system stimulant keeping you alert, awake, and feeling good. In short, it tells your brain to avoid daytime sleepiness and it boosts your motivation when you need it the most.
  • Decreased risk of depression. The chemical carries feelings of motivation, excitement, and pleasure to all the brain neurons. When you feel down, the supplement can help you feel better and positive. When used, it targets the dopamine receptors to increase the dopamine levels in the brain so you feel positive and you become a quick thinker.
  • Increased productivity. Since it can increase the dopamine levels in the brain, you feel more energetic to finish all the day’s tasks. You might even have that extra energy to double your productivity while you still feel motivated.

How Does It Work in the Brain?

It is more potent compared to modafinil. You will be able to experience the effects even taking a small dose.

This product increases the dopamine levels in the synapses between the brain cells by targeting the dopamine receptors.

This course taking action in your brain gives you a boost in cognition, productivity, and motivation.


The average dose of modafinil is 200 mg or 8.23 g mol. Since flmodafinil has higher bioavailability, a smaller dose can be as effective.

It is advisable to take a dosage of around 150 mg or 6.17 g mol.

Once absorbed in the body, the chemical gives you new energy. And compared to modafinil, it lasts longer than 10-12 hours.

This nootropic is ideally administered in the morning for those who work daytime. For night shift workers, it should be taken at least one hour before work.

It should be taken into mind that since the product gives the feeling of excitement, high doses may cause uncontrollable confidence and euphoria.

Side Effects

A 200 mg dose of modafinil is already effective to up your positive senses. Taking a similar dose of the new flmodafinil is sure to give an intense feeling.

It is constructed from 2 bis fluoro-groups and its bioavailability makes it even more worthy of a try.

Being more potent, it has fewer side effects than modafinil. A person taking it may feel the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Stuffy nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Stuffy and runny nose

Using this may also interact with other supplements. It can affect the activity of enzymes on the liver that are responsible for the metabolism of other drugs.

Alcohol may also have a reaction when taking flmodafinil. It is best to avoid it while taking the supplement.

Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here are some reviews from its users.

According to tmj87:

“…Overall, comparing Flmodafinil to Modafinil, from my experience it is way superior. No headaches, no mood swings, and only need really small doses to get full focus.

Word of caution though, do your research in where you decide to buy it first. I made that mistake!”

According to Johnjames1987:

“…It’s said Flmodafinil is x4 more potent than modafinil. I really can feel the difference and take a maximum of 50-75mg each time.”

According to janismm88:

“I have been using modafinil a lot even at first times when I tried it it was never so powerful as flmodafinil yes moda maybe gets you motivated etc but you are like cold robot with people. Flmodafinil just makes me more happy plus motivated libido is through the roof…”

Flmodafinil Stacks

To get the best results, it can be stacked with other supplements.

Naltrexone treats alcohol and drug addiction while flmodafinil is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor that helps prevent cocaine relapse. When used together these two are perfect for those who are undergoing treatment for substance abuse.

Flmodafinil can also be stacked with Phenylpiracetam, Taurine, L Theanine, or Noopept.

Where to Buy Flmodafinil Capsules?

Flmodafinil is a research chemical that started with trials in 2015.

It is difficult to find a vendor as most of the sale that is happening is still unlicensed.

You should buy through this vendor because it has an independent lab testing verification.

They sell a variety of supplements and so far they have a good track record for selling nootropics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most of what you think should be answered here.

Flmodafinil vs. Modafinil: What’s the Difference?

Before jumping into buying, you should know how it is different from modafinil.

Flmodafinil is constructed from 2 bis fluoro-groups and is known as the bisfluoro analog of modafinil.

It is a new chemical dietary supplement that is more potent than modafinil because of its higher bioavailability.

Modafinil also works as a stimulant and promotes wakefulness. This chemical is produced when adrafinil is metabolized.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use on small doses. Even if the investigation has not yet come to the final, many people are already experiencing the advantage of the product.

Is It Legal?

Yes, it is legal. Although only those 18 years and older can buy the capsule or powder form.

It is being sold in reputable nootropics websites such as science.bio.

How to Take Flmodafinil?

Take the powder dosage of about 150 mg per day preferably in the morning or one hour before going to work at night. It can be in powder or capsulated form.

You can mix the powder form in drinks. Best to take it with a full stomach.


Flmodafinil is an improved modafinil.

If you need that extra energy to push you to be productive and reduce daytime sleepiness, it is probably the best nootropic to take. With just a small dose, you can be more efficient while always in a good mood.