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P6 can alleviate cognition problems stemming from a huge variety of causes, due to BDNF’s widely positive impact on the survival, functionality and repair of neurons.

  • Increased BDNF
  • Enhanced mood
  • More energy and motivation
  • Better eyesight
  • More efficient sleep

Hyaluronate-P6 1mg


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What Is HA-P6?

HA-P6 can be most briefly described as a polysaccharide covalently bound to a peptide. The polysaccharide is hyaluronate. Hyaluronate is a ubiquitous, endogenously present carbohydrate that is used much like scaffolding in the body. It controls inflammation and extracellular remodelling, and growth, and small hyaluronic acid molecules have a higher pro-inflammatory and pro-cancer growth and metastases than higher molecular weight Hyaluronate, with 200kda being the cut off point of wether it is pro-inflammation and cancer survival, to the opposite effect.

The P6 peptide interfers with a protein complex that would normally allow for cytokines to signal stem cells to remain as stem cells. This interference acts on stem cells to turn them into neurons instead, whilst signalling neurons to release BDNF. The result is to create more neurons, whilst surrounding neurons release BDNF to integrate new neurons and keep them alive. The active receptors are expressed all over the brain, in the parietal lobe, hippocampus, and even the temporal cortex and frontal cortex.

This peptide uses an 11 amino acid long sequence that is endogenously present in the CNTF sequence, and therefor if antibodies are generated toward P6, they could also interfere with normal CNTF processes.

Hyaluronic acid receptors are well expressed in all epithelial cells, and heavily expressed in stem cells and immune cells.


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