Mind Lab Pro Review: A Truly Universal Nootropic?

In this Mind Lab Pro review, we'll take an in-depth look at what ingredients are being used. We'll also go over how Mind Lab Pro works, information about benefits, side effects, and where you can buy it online.

Mind Lab Pro became famous and known as the best pre-made nootropic stack that boosts mental performance for all people, specifically those with active lifestyles that demand higher brainpower and perfect brain health.

Its simple blend gives high results without the exaggeration that comes along with a regular brain booster supplement.

This Mind Lab Pro review will allow professionals, athletes, students, and elders to discover how to benefit from its 11 nootropic ingredients to optimize complex cognitive functions.

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Aside from its benefits, usage, side effects, and availability, you will also discover how this high-potent premium nootropic can help protect and nourish your brain's long-term healthy function.

Mind Lab Pro Review Summary

In summary, Mind Lab Pro is an all-natural nootropic formula that can improve cognitive function. It contains 11 clinically-proven brain-boosting ingredients, including some of the most potent and effective nootropics available today. It is one of the most complete and effective nootropic formulas on the market today backed by clinical research.

If you are looking for a nootropic blend that can help unlock your full potential, then Mind Lab Pro is your best option.


  • All-natural nootropic formula
  • Contains 11 clinically-proven brain-boosting ingredients
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Backed by clinical research
  • Does not contain caffeine


  • Mind Lab Pro can be a bit expensive for some people

What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Opti Nutra created the dietary supplement Mind Lab Pro with the promise to provide users with enhanced memory, mood, learning, focus, concentration, mental energy, motivation, and neuroprotection.

mind lab pro review MLP

It claims to lower fatigue and reduce stress caused by toxins and aging.

This nootropic is the most studied and clinically proven safe nootropic with its all-natural, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO ingredients or other additives or preservatives.

Mind Lab Pro is a premier nootropic that users can buy over-the-counter. Its users highly recommend it.

Imagemindlab pro
ProductMind Lab Pro
Product TypeNootropic
ManufacturerOpti-Nutra Ltd.
EffectsOptimizes whole brain function for peak cognitive performance
Side EffectsNo known side effects
Dosage2 capsules daily
Content60 capsules
Money Back Guarantee30 days
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5
Official WebsiteClick Here

Aside from these, how do nootropics work like Mind Lab Pro?

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

Mind Lab Pro's ingredients complement each other and provide a holistic boost to human brain performance.

Citicoline and phosphatidylserine enhance acetylcholine's flow and have more brain pathways. It provides cell-building compounds and improves the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Mind Lab Pro works to lift your mood and decrease stress through its Bacopa Monnieri, L-theanine, and Rhodiola Rosea ingredients.

Its other ingredient, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, helps in preventing Dopamine from being depleted.

what is mind lab pro

Through Lion's Mane Mushroom properties, new and healthy cell connections are formed. On the other hand, Mind Lab Pro can also be a potent antioxidant, clearing dead cells and enhancing focus through the Maritime Pine Bark extract.

Notably, Mindlab pro has no added synthetic compounds and stimulants aside from Rhodiola's mild effect. This proves its authenticity, unlike other nootropics packed with caffeine to fake the brain booster effect.

Mind Lab Pro Benefits & Effects

Mind Lab Pro is known to have effects like other dietary supplements for memory retention. It is also one of the best nootropics for mood enhancement and relaxation.

effective effects and benefits mind lab pro product

Aside from Mind Lab Pro as a nootropic for motivation promotion, the following are the synthesis of its benefits:

Enhanced Memory Retention

Clinical research was done to test the effects of Mind Lab Pro on memory retention and brain health. People who took this supplement and performed a logic task had better results than those who didn't take it or those that did not perform the same type of activity.

These improvements show how well memory retention works to improve cognitive function, which helps improve overall mental health and cognitive abilities.

The formula includes Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Alpha GPC Choline Bitartrate, Huperzine A Extracted from Club Moss Plant, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and Vitamin B12.

These ingredients all work together to help improve the brain's ability to recall information and retain new memories by increasing acetylcholine levels in the cerebral cortex to improve cerebral blood flow.

It also helps users deal with stress better than they usually would because it increases dopamine neurotransmitters production and serotonin neurotransmitter function. Such processes result in impressive mental processing speed and improved brain health.

Sharpened Focus

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement that's been shown to have positive effects on focus and mood balance.

mind lab pro sharpened focus best brain effects

In the same study mentioned above, it was also found out that users who took Mind Lab Pro supplements displayed sharp strategic thinking for more extended periods. They had better concentration despite changes in many working conditions.

They did not feel tired as quickly or easily during these tasks. Their brain function improved so that they could stay focused longer with increased productivity.

This has helped many individuals in office jobs where long hours are required while multitasking. This cannot be done if you're suffering from mental fatigue all day long due to a lack of brain energy and motivation.

It can help students too when studying for important exams by staying concentrated throughout their studies instead of losing interest halfway after getting bored or sleepy from reading through long pages of textbooks.

It also helps users think more clearly, which is important for improving their decision-making skills both in business and personal life.

It can be used when quick decisions are required that must not lead to mistakes or failure later on because you were unable to focus correctly due to mental fatigue brought about by stress and lack of motivation.

Boosted Energy Levels

The ingredients found in Mind Lab Pro help increase levels of Dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters that play a role in providing you with energy to power through your day.

Serotonin triggers chemicals within the brain to release epinephrine or adrenaline into the bloodstream, which gives you an instant boost of extra energy.

On the other hand, Dopamine regulates emotional responses and movement by controlling communication between various parts of your body, including muscles and organs. It also releases norepinephrine that's responsible for giving users more physical strength when they need it most.

Prolonged Attention Span

Mind Lab Pro is not limited to improving memory retention, focus, and concentration aside from better brain health. It also helps users have better attention spans.

This helps them pay more attention to what's happening around them or in front of them for a more extended period without having to get distracted easily by things or activities that are irrelevant.

Optimized Positive Mood

People who are stressed out or mentally fatigued tend to be more irritable than usual, leading to them having negative interactions with friends and family.

This supplement contains ingredients that help improve your mood, so you stay positive even if you're experiencing stressful situations in life.

It also helps users feel happier about themselves and maintain focus on things they do without getting easily distracted by external factors like their surroundings or what's happening around them at the time.

Increased Motivation

The ingredients in this supplement are also known to help people become more motivated than usual, which is beneficial for getting things done that you may have put off or not completed due to lack of motivation.

This can be especially helpful for students who need help staying on top of their studies without having the urge to slack off and procrastinate instead by playing games all day long when they should be studying. The supplement will give them mental clarity, so they get up from bed early in the morning to start their day with Mind Lab Pro before heading off to school.

Enhanced Creativity

Nootropics are also known to help people think more creatively, benefiting users with new innovative and unique ideas.

mind lab pro enhance creativity with vegan ingredient

Users who take this supplement tend to find solutions to problems and boost their creativity. Their brain can process information faster than usual without having any distractions around them at the time due to Mind Lab Pro's ability to increase focus, concentration, memory retention, among many others.

Long-term Neuroprotection

Mind Lab Pro can also protect the brain from the damage that can occur due to oxidative stress brought about by free radicals, which are molecules found in every cell throughout one's body.

This supplement contains antioxidants known as Nrf-Protectors that help shield your brain's neurons against any form of physical or chemical injury. You don't have to worry about developing degenerative neurological conditions like Parkinson's disease when you are 50 years old, and your brain health could even improve.

This supplement also helps promote neurogenesis, which is the process of growing new neurons within your brain and preventing brain degeneration.

By doing so, users can improve their memory retention, focus, and attention span and improve their mood throughout the day due to increased levels of Dopamine and serotonin found in Mind Lab Pro's formula. This can be beneficial for people who need help staying motivated even when life gets hard or overwhelming at times because it gives them a reason (or excuse) to push themselves through without having any distractions around them that would prevent them from achieving their goals set for themselves.

While this may not necessarily turn you into an Einstein-level genius overnight after taking this product, it does help your brain work better than usual. Although in some different ways, you'll be able to notice within the first week or two of using Mind Lab Pro daily.

Mind Lab Pro's overall effects include promoting optimal brain chemistry, energy processes, circulation, regeneration, protection, and brain waves.

Mind Lab Pro Reviews & Experiences Shared on Reddit

Users posted Mind Lab Pro reviews on Reddit. Read these reviews, as they are essential to help you decide if you are to take Mind Lab Pro.

Reddit's opinion on this one is as follows:

According to kaou_lag:

"Mind lab pro is by far the best pre-made stack on the market IMO, much much better than the alpha brain. But as the other guy said, the issue with the pre-made stack is that you aren't sure what compound will work or will have a negative side effect. I personally test all the ingredients one by one and then buy the stack."

According to r/StackAdvice:

"I've been taking Mind Lab Pro for almost a year, and it worked really well, helping me deal with my executive functioning issues that I have had. I am about to run out and was looking through a lot of other preblended mixes, and I have started to find a ton of negative comments about brand mixes, which has created some doubts…"

According to VStr95:

"Nah, I tried mind lab pro, 2 pills each day, and I honestly did not feel anything. However, I went on holiday for around ten days. I did not smoke at all, but I drank alcohol and partied with my friends, and surprisingly I feel much more clarity, energy, and power of will. As most people say, I feel that the less I smoke, the better I feel."

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro Online?

Mind Lab Pro can be bought from their official website at $69 per bottle plus the shipping fee.

You may also order boxes at once for a discount price with the following offers depending on the required supply:

  • One month for $69
  • Two months for $138
  • Three months for $207

Shipping cost is free worldwide for purchases over $207.

buying mind lab pro

It is one of the slightly overpriced nootropics as it is a premium supplement with consistently positive reviews.

If you're looking for the Mind Lab Pro discount code, they don't offer one. The brand only allows discounts for bulk orders and consistently aligns its reputation of providing high-quality products with its price.

Mind Lab Pro Price: What Does It Cost?

A single-month supply of Mind Lab Pro costs $69 plus the shipping fee. If you order more than just a single month's supply, you'll save money. For example, if you buy 3 bottles, you get 1 bottle for free, making the price of each bottle just $51.75 instead of $69. You should take advantage of this.

Can I Buy Mind Lab Pro at a GNC or Walgreens Near Me?

No, local stores don't usually stock Mind Lab Pro. Although some might, the price is going to be higher than if you order online from the official website like we recommend. If you find it at a local store, you'll want to make sure it isn't expired or fake.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Opti Nutra shows transparency on each ingredient presented in the Mind Lab Pro formula.

The following are the 11 natural Mind Lab Pro ingredients.

Lion's Mane Mushroom (500 mg)

Lion's Mane Mushroom is a well-researched ingredient for neuron growth-boosting or brain plasticity. It contains active nootropic ingredients like erinacines and hericenones that stimulate the regeneration of brain cells.

This organic Lion's Mane Mushroom ingredient can also fight the cognitive decline in elders. Adults seeking extra support because of cognitive impairment will benefit from this effect. Lion's Mane Mushroom improves Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), essential for brain wellness and learning new information.

Citicoline (250 mg)

Citicoline is a choline form that is Cognizin's patented version. It is acetylcholine's precursor. Through neuroprotection, this ingredient enhances memory function, mental clarity, energy, cognition, focus, and long-term brain health.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine / NALT (175 mg)

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) boosts the brain's dopamine levels as it battles the effects of stress and fatigue. This ingredient gives its users the push they need to get through every day.

Bacopa Monnieri (150 mg)

Bacopa Monnieri is a high-quality traditional medicine for concentration, overall brain health, and memory improvement.

Bacopa Monnieri has antioxidant properties that let the body relieve anxiety and adapt to stress. It also increases serotonin activity that lifts one's mood.

Phosphatidylserine (100 mg)

Phosphatidylserine is the brain cells' building block. It modulates the cell's flow of oxygen and nutrients.

It allows the transmission of brain chemicals, maintains mitochondria, facilitates the cross-brain circulation of communication, improves learning, attention span, mood, and builds new neurons.

L-Theanine (100 mg)

L-Theanine came from the highest quality of sunflowers, Suntheanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid that improves focus and mood, relieves stress, calms the mind, and acts as brain protection.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (75 mg)

Maritime Pine Bark Extract has anti-inflammatory properties through proanthocyanidins that are potent antioxidants.

This ingredient can enhance attention, memory, focus, mood, and overall mental performance. It eliminates free radicals and increases the brain's blood flow in the blood vessels throughout the product's half-life.

Its neuroprotective characteristic is also suitable for ADHD and Alzheimer's treatment for adults.

Rhodiola Rosea (50 mg)

Rhodiola Rosea works as an adaptogenic herb to boost energy, focus, mood, and memory. It also works as an athlete's performance enhancer.

Rhodiola Rosea regulates the body's stress response, increases levels of Dopamine.

Vitamin B6 (2.5 mg)

Vitamin B6 is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, which is why it's included in Mind Lab Pro as a supporting ingredient. This vitamin helps increase mental energy and focus, among many other benefits that can help you get more done throughout your day without having to worry about procrastinating or slacking off instead.

Vitamin B9 (100 mcg)

Mind Lab Pro has vitamin B9 that can help improve cognitive health while reducing the risk of developing common neurological diseases among people who have Alzheimer's or dementia.

Vitamin B12 (7.5 mcg)

Vitamin B12 helps produce red blood cells and is included in Mind Lab Pro mainly to keep users energized throughout the day without experiencing any feelings of fatigue or sleepiness.

Vitamins B9, B12, and B6 improves the brain's blood flow and produce norepinephrine, serotonin, Dopamine, and neurotransmitters.

With Vitamin B12, B9, and B6, one can avoid Vitamin B deficiency, which causes Alzheimer's and other cognitive function impairment and mental diseases and decline.

How to Take Mind Lab Pro?

Let's dive into how you should take Mind Lab Pro.

When to Take Mind Lab Pro?

You should take Mind Lab Pro in the morning right after you woke up. You can take a second dose 6-7 hours after you took the first one. Don't take it in the evening or late afternoon, because it could affect your sleep.

Mind Lab Pro Dosage

The official dosage recommendation is to take 2 capsules per serving once or twice a day. Looking at the dosage of the ingredients, this is slightly under-dosed in our opinion. We recommend that you instead take 3 capsules twice daily if you don't notice much from 2 capsules.

Should You Take Mind Lab Pro With Or Without Food?

It works best when taken on an empty stomach, so without food. However, because some of the ingredients aren't water-soluble but only fat-soluble, we highly recommend taking Mind Lab Pro together with some oil or fat. Ideally, you'd take it together with some Omega-3 fatty acids, such as krill oil or cod liver oil. This will also help your brain on its own and therefore increase the effectiveness of Mind Lab Pro a lot.

Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

From all the list of nootropics, Mind Lab Pro is one of the very few with nootropics, with records of users experiencing only minimal or mild to moderate side effects.

The following are Mind Lab Pro side effects that don't post serious risks:

  • Dizziness
  • Low energy
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Sleep disturbance

These side effects usually appear in first-time users and diminish as the user's body adjusts—a reason why Mind Lap Pro guarantees the safety of its use.

If you have any underlying health conditions, it is best to consult a physician or your family doctor before trying out any nootropics.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Other Nootropics

You might wonder how MLP compares to other similar products.

Let's see...

Mind Lab Pro vs. Adderall

Adderall is a prescription drug that's used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It may also be prescribed for other conditions. It affects your central nervous system, including your brain, by affecting chemicals in your brain. Mind Lab Pro, on the other hand, is a natural nootropic that provides nutrients your brain needs and optimizes how it functions. Although Mind Lab Pro might also help with ADHD (in particular the N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine or NALT in it), but it's in no way comparable to Adderall.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia Mind

Mind Lab Pro comes in a sleek, white bottle, and it contains a powerful blend of B vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and other ingredients to help boost mental performance and concentration. It's also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Qualia Mind, on the other hand, is a product that is designed to help users improve their concentration and focus, and to help them make better decisions. While Mind Lab Pro is a solid product, Qualia Mind is a bit of a flop compared to Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain

Mind Lab Pro is a proprietary formula designed to help you learn faster, get smarter, and perform better in school and at work. It's the perfect combination of nootropics, supplements, and amino acids that will give you the extra edge you need to succeed. With Alpha Brain, you are just going to be taking a bunch of pills every day, and they are going to be doing little more than storing in your stomach until they eventually pass. Although with Alpha Brain you are going to get an instant boost of energy, focus, and concentration, Mind Lab Pro will help you maintain focus throughout the day and help you make better decisions.

Mind Lab Pro vs. NooCube

Both products have similar ingredients and effectiveness. If you are looking for a cheap, easy, and effective nootropic supplement, you may want to consider NooCube. If you are looking for a high-quality nootropic that also includes other supplements, you should consider Mind Lab Pro. If you are willing to spend more money and have more options, you may want to try Mind Lab Pro instead of NooCube.

BrainPill and Mind Lab Pro

If it comes to deciding whether BrainPill or Mind Lab Pro is the better nootropic for you to try, you should probably go with Mind Lab Pro. While BrainPill comes with similar ingredients, Mind Lab Pro is backed by a clinical trial and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Meaning that you're more likely to experience positive effects with Mind Lab Pro than you are with BrainPill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We've prepared FAQs that are most probably the ones you will search for later to guide your research further.

How to Take Mind Lab Pro?

Most take two Mind Pro Lab pills daily with healthy diet meals. Take one during breakfast and then another during lunch to take advantage of it during the day's peak hours. Most take two pills in the morning as a regular dosage to boost their cognition. You may want to do cycling for this stack. Users need to follow four weeks straight of consuming Mind Lab Pro and one week off cycling. Alternatively, you may take it for five days straight and then two days off.

How Long Does Mind Lab Pro Take to Work?

Mind Lab nootropic works after a few hours of intake, and it will allow you to experience its full benefits after two weeks of daily intake. For some, it takes a month or more for a more holistic approach. Mind Lab Pro stands for 6 hours, and the mind returns to normal by seven and up to hours. Its effects usually stay longer than other over-the-counter nootropics. Its benefits last only over 3 hours and more unless on higher dosages.

Is Mind Lab Pro FDA Approved?

It is FDA-registered and has Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate in New Jersey, USA. Its substances comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency, and none of its ingredients are banned globally.

Is There A Free Mind Lab Pro Trial Or Sample?

There is no free trial or sample as this brand claims to be premium with luxury ingredients. Instead of freebies, they offer an "empty bottle" money-back guarantee.

Can I Get Mind Lab Pro On Amazon?

Mind Lab Pro is not currently available on Amazon. You cannot even find Mind Lab Pro in stores. However, some might have purchased in bulk and sell it on retail. As for now, you can only purchase it on Mind Lab Pro's official website and third-party resellers who might be selling it at higher prices.

Is Mind Lab Pro A Stimulant?

No, it is not a stimulant. Mind Lab Pro is a natural herbal product that is derived from the herbs found in nature, as well as some natural amino acids.

Can You Take Mind Lab Pro Every Day?

Yes, you can take it every day. Just follow the instructions on the box. If you want to maximize its effectiveness, you might want to consider cycling it, however. Four weeks on and one week off is the ideal cycle.

Is Mind Lab Pro Healthy?

Yes. Mind Lab Pro is a powerful brain nutrition supplement that will help you to increase your memory, focus and concentration. It is designed to improve brain function and boost brain power.

How Many Hours Does Mind Lab Pro Last?

For most people, Mind Lab Pro lasts about 6-7 hours per day. After 6-7 hours you can take a second dose to increase the duration of effects.

Does Mind Lab Pro Make You Smarter?

It will make your brain work better to allow you to become smarter if you use your newly gained brain power well. If you do brain exercises and study after taking Mind Lab Pro, you'll get smarter more easily.

What Is Better Than Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is already the best natural nootropics blend on the market. Alternatives such as NooCube, Alpha Brain, or Qualia Mind work well too, but not as well as Mind Lab Pro.

What to Stack With Mind Lab Pro?

You can stack Alpha GPC, Noopept, Racetams, and other nootropics with Mind Lab Pro. A good stack would be 2 capsules of Mind Lab Pro with 200 mg Alpha GPC and 10 mg Noopept. Some people also stack it with prescription drugs like Modafinil, which we don't recommend.

Is There A Mind Lab Pro Coupon Code?

No, there are no discount codes available for Mind Lab Pro. It's a premium product that doesn't use discount code marketing tactics to convince people to buy it. You can either afford it or you can't.


Mind Lab Pro is proven to be committed to delivering a high-quality and premium smart drug for improving cognitive function.

Its ingredients are all-natural, safe, well-accepted, and legal in the nootropics industry.

Its users swear for its high potency with its clinically tested formula and recommended doses. It is highly recommended by many as a holistic brain optimizer.

What's best with this nootropic is that it doesn't include useless ingredients making it more effective and a value-for-money supplement.