The nootropics site WholisticResearch recently announced it had purchased the domain name, which was previously a virtual mental gym for brain exercises.

If you’re looking for the most effective nootropics and brain-boosting supplements, check out WholisticResearch. The difference is that MyBrainTrainer was NOT a website about nootropics, but rather it was a website with info on brain health.

One of the main focuses of WholisticResearch is to provide the reader with “brain hacks” and nootropics that improve cognitive performance and memory retention.

Nootropics and brain exercises can work together to maximize the cognitive benefits. They can help prevent or at least slow down the development of cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

MyBrainTrainer offered brain games, monthly challenges, brain age calculators, and a brain power calculator on its website.

MyBrainTrainer has been used in many unique ways. One of those ways is in Forensic Science. Shaheen Donovan, an associate lecturer at the University of Technology in Sydney, said, “I find that the MyBrainTrainer exercises are an excellent way for my Forensic Toxicology students to observe the effect that alcohol intoxication has on perceptual reflexes. The tests are not susceptible to observer bias, so they are more objective, and the results are tangible so they can be directly compared.”

By acquiring the domain name, WholisticResearch hopes to continue the work that was previously started by the former owners of the domain.

Previously, WholisticResearch acquired the domains Adherex and CLI-Online.