Noopept Nasal Spray: How to Make Your Own

Updated on February 21, 2024
 by — reviewed by Jason Williams, PhD (Contributor: George Collins / Editor: Yoko Hill)
Making your own Noopept nasal spray, blending science with the potential of nootropics.

Oral administration of supplement products has been the most common method of taking a substance or pill into the body.

Do you consider using Noopept nasal spray?

Aside from nasal sprays, some products are also available as sublingual solutions and capsules.

Noopept (N-Phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester) is often swallowed to get the most precise dosage intended.

But in case you heard of nasal spray, do you know that it could be more practical?

As noted in our Noopept write-up, it improves focus, memory, mood, and verbal ability. People use it for the same reasons.

However, the time to kick in and the overall effect for this nootropics differ from one person to another.

Some say they felt positive changes just a few minutes after swallowing. Others would have to wait for a few more minutes or increase their dosage to achieve the result they need. That is natural.

Noopept is orally bioavailable, so the body can absorb it just by taking it by the mouth.

But just in case you are looking for better absorption, you can experience the effects of using Noopept as a nasal spray.

Users have been raving about how this method has a more substantial effect than taking the products orally. It also has a quicker onset and greater bioavailability through this method.

Noopept intranasal use is said to trigger brain barrier passage, allowing for a better experience of the products’ effects.

Nootropic nasal spray products are a milestone in the nootropic community. It is better compared to snorting for safety reasons.

Noopept or N-Phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester helps prevent brain fog. It is known in the nootropic community to boost memory, improve brain functions, and aid with verbal recall.

People who use this nootropics vouch for its ability as a smart drug, and it is used by healthy people to prevent age-related forgetfulness and alertness. Because it can enhance intellectual performance, many are looking for ways to absorb it better and maximize its use.

One method is through the use of nasal sprays.

How does Noopept work when used intranasally?

A thin mucosa covers the cavity of our nose. It has blood vessels that are the perfect entry point for nootropic products.

Through the intranasal delivery, the nose allows the products’ molecules to bypass the diffusion method’s blood-brain barrier. The diffusion goes through the olfactory epithelium and the perineural sheath.

There are also instances when it happens via retrograde axonal transport in the olfactory and trigeminal nerves.

While this method is effective with Noopept, it is not to be used with nootropics that have active ingredients that have to be processed by the liver like Aniracetam.

Typically, one spray is suitable for a 10mg dosing and already shows drastic improvement in brain abilities. Some people feel nothing with this dose to spray up to 30mg maximum without any detriment to health.

How to Make Nasal Spray with Noopept Powder?

Smart drugs like Noopept are nootropics that have excellent effects on the brain. Better cognition and improved memory are just a result of better brain health. And this is possible with the proper use of Noopept sprays or by even megadosing Noopept.

You can buy a Noopept nasal spray online for almost $50, but if you want a cheaper option, you can try doing your nasal Noopept spray.

Here is how you do it.


Many online stores are selling Amber nasal bottles. You cannot just use any spray bottles.

The bottle that you need has a more slender and elongated tip that you can insert into your nose for administration. There are 10-30ml nasal spray bottles that start at $3.99 and are available online.

You will also need a digital milligram scale and a funnel. Others recommend the use of a syringe so you can also get one for your solution preparation.

These are the necessary materials that you need to start with your DIY nasal spray.


For the ingredients, of course, you need Noopept powder. You can buy this from online vendors selling nootropics and other supplements. This will cost you around $13.99 for 10g.

Before buying your Noopept, make sure that you are buying from a reputable source selling genuine products. One that has a certificate of analysis that guarantees the purity of the substance.

You can also check if the vendor is selling other chemical products. You also use propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. This usually comes in a 500ml bottle and costs around $20.

Instead of water or glycerine, others use deionized and distilled water or bacteriostatic water to dissolve the particles and stabilize the solution. Others don’t recommend bacteriostatic water or benzyl alcohol because it is harsh on the nose.

Never heat the solution, for it will break down the Noopept in the process.

The mentioned ingredients should be good enough for a year’s supply as you will only need a bit of each to fill a 30ml bottle.

A 10ml nasal spray bottle delivers a 4mg spray of Noopept.

Here is how to create your solution in the easiest way.

  1. Measure 400mg of Noopept powder and place it in a clean container
  2. Add 10ml of distilled water or propylene glycol.
  3. Siphon it in and out of a blunt syringe for 10 minutes
  4. Check if the powder has dissolved.
  5. Transfer it into a clean 10ml nasal spray bottle

You can now use your DIY Noopept nasal spray. See to it that you don’t exceed 30ml for safety purposes. With two squirts, you should notice an increase in your brain function.

Dosage and How to Use the Nasal Spray?

Noopept must be taken within the 10-30mg doses for two or three times a day. If you have just started using such products, start with a small amount, and observe how your body reacts to the substance.

With a 10mg dose of the nootropic Noopept, you will already notice a change in your mental alertness and verbal fluency.

Unlike other nootropic products, the good thing about this synthetic smart drug is that you don’t have to wait days, weeks, or months before you feel any effect. It kicks in within 30-60 mins, but with the nasal spray? Within 5-10 minutes, you’re already up for memory games.

It is essential to keep your doses within the recommended range to achieve your goal. An overdosage will do no good.

In a nootropics review, it was even mentioned that taking more than 30mg may even contribute to brain fog. The use of such nootropic products is useless if it results in that.

Effects and Benefits

Noopept is a known synthetic smart drug in the nootropics community. It is best known for its neuroprotective benefit that contributes to brain health, memory, and cognition.

It has several metabolic effects in aging, but only a few clinical studies support that claim.

There is also no recorded toxicity using nootropic products like Noopept, so its safety is only limited to mild side effects.

Where to Buy Noopept?

Nootropic products are mostly available online. You can buy your Noopept powder for your sprays through reputable online vendors.

Look for the ones with the certificate of analysis and independent laboratory testing. Check the purity of their chemicals before placing your purchase.


What do you have in mind? Let’s answer them here.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Noopept products are unregulated and associated with only mild side effects.

How Long Does It Last?

It depends. If you are using a 10ml nasal spray bottle, a squirt usually gives 2-3mg of Noopept. If that dose is enough to improve your brain abilities, it should last for 75 days.

How is the Duration of Effects?

Compared to the snorting and oral administration method, the intranasal route of administration takes effect within about 5 minutes and lasts for hours.


Noopept nasal spray could be your thing as it is easy to administer, and you can take it anywhere with you. Bear in mind that this is not for long-term use, though, and that you shouldn’t even consider snorting Noopept.

Like any other nootropic, you have to cycle Noopept. This is to avoid tolerance and to ensure that you are continuously enjoying its effects.

While there is a subset of people who prefer using this administration method, careful use is still advised. You can buy the readily available solution from the online nootropic vendors for the easier resort, but you are at risk of getting a less pure substance.

Doubts may encourage you to try creating your solution. This option is also risky since there is no exact procedure as to the amount of each ingredient and which solvent would best preserve its potency.

It is your responsibility to ensure your solution’s quality in the same way as probing the quality of the ready solutions in the market.

Finally, the intranasal administration of Noopept poses no harm, only immediate reaction to get your brain performance on a high.