Can You Snort Noopept & Should You?

Exploring the controversial practices and potential risks associated with unconventional use of nootropics like Noopept.

A smart drug that was popularized in Eastern Europe and Russia, Noopept was originally made for cognitive enhancement in the elderly.

Today, it’s marketed as a nootropic that boosts your brainpower by eliminating brain fog, counteracting memory loss, and improving overall well-being.

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Now, some people snort nootropics to maximize the effects on their bodies, although that also might increase Noopept side effects. Is this actually more advantageous, and is it safe to do with Noopept powder? Let’s find out.

Snorting Noopept

Usually, Noopept is taken orally as tablets or capsules. However, other popular methods include using a nasal spray or inhaling it in powder form.

What are the benefits of intranasal administration, you ask? Speed and potency.

Because nasal mucus provides a direct pathway to your brain cells, you experience the effects of Noopept faster.

Additionally, this method prevents further metabolism by the digestive system, which could reduce the strength of the study drug.

However, it makes more sense to administer Noopept as nasal spray.

Is Noopept safe, though?

Taking Noopept comes with minimal side effects, but high doses could cause headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

Thus, besides consuming only the proper amount, it’s also important to purchase from a brand with a proven track record. Consider ones with a money-back guarantee!

Another thing to consider is your own country’s laws on the drug.

Noopept exists in a grey area in the UK, as it can be imported but not purchased locally. Be 100% certain that it’s legal where you live before buying it!


The recommended dosage for Noopept is 10 to 30 milligrams, depending on your weight.

If you weigh less than 200 pounds, it’s best to take only 10 milligrams, as anything above that could be too strong for you.

Took too much? Make sure to drink lots of water so the side effects don’t worsen.

On the other hand, if you’re stacking Noopept with other drugs like Alpha GPC, you’ll have to adjust the amount accordingly.

Consult a health expert if you’re currently taking (or planning to take) additional medications, as certain combinations could do more harm than good.

For your safety, you shouldn’t take Noopept all at once.

Spread the dosage throughout the day for optimal results.

Now, if you plan to consume Noopept regularly, it’s important to have a break after every two-month cycle so you don’t build up a tolerance (or dependence) to it.


Intranasal administration of Noopept is known to increase effectiveness and achieve more desirable results.

However, like with any other medications, always remember to use it with care and consider taking Noopept sublingual instead!

Jacob Kovacs is a cognitive neuroscientist and author at WholisticResearch, specializing in nootropics and neuroactive peptides. His expertise in neuroscience and psychopharmacology bridges cognitive science with drug development. Kovacs’ work focuses on enhancing cognitive functions and brain health through innovative, efficient neuroactive compounds that overcome traditional pharmacokinetic challenges. His contributions are pivotal in advancing the understanding and treatment of neurological diseases.