PRL-8-53 Review: Experience, Dosage & Where to Buy Powder

Memory decline is one of the most feared effects of aging, and PRL-8-53 seems to be the answer to this dilemma.

Would you believe that in a human study, PRL-8-53 was able to improve the memory of its subjects by more than 200%?

This nootropic is promising in that aspect. But is there more to it than a cognitive booster?

Let us find out in this PRL-8-53 review.

What is PRL-8-53?

PRL-8-53 [R] is a synthetic nootropic derived from benzoic acid and phenylethylamine. Benzoic acid is found in the food we eat such as dairy products, fruits, and plants.

what is prl 8 53

The drug name of PRL-8-53 is methyl 3-2-benzyl methyl amino ethyl benzoate. It is a promising supplement that was developed in 1972 by Dr. Nikolaus Hansl at Creighton University.

Rumors and a few documents revealed that Dr. Hansl, PRL-8-147, also created a stronger version of PRL-8-53.

In 1978, Dr. Hansl conducted a human study where volunteers doubled their memory with a single dose.

This discovery made PRL-8-53 the most talked-about nootropics in the market.

Neurohackers even tagged it as a powerful supplement that boosts memory formation, retention, and recall improving the overall cognitive function.

Imagebuy prl 8-53
EffectsIncreased dopamine levels, improved visual memory
Potential Side EffectsMild headache
Half-Life2 - 4 hours
Common Dosage10 - 20 mg daily
Content1 g
Money Back GuaranteeCase-by-case
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5
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As a brain supplement, methyl 3 2 benzyl exhibits changes in one's ability to think and process information. Its chemical makeup protects the brain cells from damage and prevents them from neurological diseases.

With better cognitive function, the mental faculties for alertness, attention, and intelligence work perform at their peak.

How Does it Work?

3-2-benzyl methyl amino ethyl benzoate or PRL-8-53 regulates neurotransmitters. According to Dr. Hansl, it boosts dopamine, modulates serotonin, and enhances acetylcholine activity.

how does prl 8 53 work

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that works in improving memory. On the one hand, the increased dopamine levels make you focused, active, and motivated.

Serotonin handles feelings of depression, anxiety, and difficulty in sleeping. PRL 8 53 (53*8) inhibits serotonin production to prevent such unproductive states.

In the lone research, it was expected that the volunteers would develop impulsive aggressive disorders caused by dopamine and serotonin activities. But such side effects were not prevalent among them.

Effects & Benefits

People use nootropics for improved cognition. PRL-8-53 reviews revealed that its supplementation could improve mental abilities in a short period.

prl 8 53 featured image

This supplement has only limited studies, so its effects and benefits are yet to be officially published for representation. However, there is anecdotal evidence that supports this claim.

Users attest to its ability to improve mental ability and cognitive function. These two are the primary benefits of PRL-8-53.

Let us expound on it a little more.

Long-term memory enhancement

In the only human clinical research, evidence showed that the participants were given a dosage of 5 mg of PRL-8-53 2 hours before a memorization test.

They listened to recordings with 12 words in various sequences. Then they were asked to recall the words right after finishing the test.

Again they were asked to recall the words 2 hours and 96 hours after the test.

In these three instances, the immediate recall showed little benefits from taking PRL-8-53. But the last test showed an 80% improvement in the result.

Improved visual memory

The unpublished research of Dr. Hansl shows a result of a test where volunteers recalled the geometric patterns demonstrated to them by drawing them on a piece of paper.

improved visual memory

This test has high statistical data supporting improved visual memory function after taking the PRL-8-53 supplement.

Verbal fluency

Another test result that is yet to be found is when participants were asked to form words using dots and letters. Those on PRL-8-53 have higher results giving the drug another point for its potential in verbal fluency.

There are still other potential benefits of the drug that results from various chemical actions in the brain.

The following are found in the clinical trials conducted on animals. These are also assumed to take place in the human brain as subjects.

Upregulation of dopamine

Dopamine production slows down as we age. This process has a significant impact on our cognition. The compound modulates dopamine production to prevent age-related cognitive decline loss and cognitive decline.

Long-term memory formation

When tested on animals, the drug increased the noradrenaline responses peripherally and centrally. If the same effect is visible in humans, it is highly possible to increase storage for long-term memory.

Boosts cholinergic system

The drug improves the acetylcholine response in the brain. It implies that it can boost the chemical system responsible for memory formation, storage, and retrieval.


The use of PRL-8-53 has limited clinical trials that can establish the proper dose.

What is readily available in the quantity that exhibits its known benefits among users. The published study recommends taking 5 mg. Depending on the effects, the subjects increase their dosage to 10-20 mg per day.

There is an ideal PRL-8-53 dosage in the patent information. The ratio of the dosage to the body weight is .1-4mg/kg. This ratio is quite controversial as it provides a wide window of dosage variance.

How to Take PRL-8-53

Taking the drug in its maximum dose shows no evidence of danger. However, in animal tests, it was proven lethal.

The powder supplement may be administered in other ways, but Dr. Hansl's team recommends oral dosage.

When you buy PRL-8-53, it is often available in 1 to 5-gram powder jars. It can be swallowed, added to a drink, or in caps.

Side Effects

PRL-8-53 is a well-tolerated nootropic and poses no serious side effects based on the limited clinical trial.

If it should have any, it is expected to have similar side effects with other nootropics.

Users may experience a mild headache while using the drug. Other than that, there is nothing else reported.

In an animal study, high doses may reduce motor function. This is yet to be further studied on humans.

To avoid adverse effects, you should start with small doses and work your way up to taking higher amounts depending on how your body responds to them.

Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here are a few PRL-8-53 Reddit experiences.

According to inmy325xy:

"I started out with small doses and worked my way up to larger quantities. I definitely feel that 10mg is a great everyday dose, and it didn't seem like taking 15mg was a big improvement over the 10. However, I decided to try 20mg on Friday for my Neuroscience test and was amazed by the enhancement in recall I had."

According to baliflipper:

"I've noticed increased verbal fluency with PRL myself. Paired with caffeine, it's a great study tool. But like mentioned, it has to be taken with studying and when taking the exam for recall."

According to wave78:

"I used PRL with Semax and some caffeine, and I memorized about 300 questions for an exam in like 3 hours. That combo was amazing for memory. I have a horrible memory, by the way. I'm not young. I drank heavy most of my life too. If you know me, memory is not my thing. I save it for those occasions."

Read more about the research and how to buy PRL in this review.


Nootropics work in synergy. Each of them has a benefit of its own, and stacking them accurately poses positive reactions to the body.

Although we have little research and understanding about the benefits and works of PRL-8-53, we can still rely on the idea that the stacked supplements give maximum benefits when taken together.

Why Stack PRL-8-53 with Other Supplements?

A "stack" refers to the combination of two or more nootropics taken together. Stacking ingredients is a common practice among cognitive enhancers, as it can amplify their effects.

Based on anecdotal evidence, a stack may work well with the following:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Alpha GPC
  • Memantine
  • Sunifiram
  • Phenylpiracetam

The mentioned supplements are tested only by the users and not based on research. There is no solid evidence that these substances are safe to interact with PRL-8-53.

Where to Buy PRL-8-53 Powder and Capsules?

Experimental drugs should be bought from trusted vendors. It is unregulated, and any vendor can claim the authenticity of their products.

Reputable nootropic vendors like PureRawz offer lab-tested supplements, so customers are assured of its purity and identity. For shipping, customers are also assured of appropriate handling methods so they won't have to worry if they buy from distant places.

PRL-8-53 powder is available in half, 1, and 5-gram jars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This chemical has little research, but we can still answer basic questions that might have crossed your mind.

What is the Half-Life of PRL-8-53?

Users have shared that they are experiencing effects 30 minutes after taking the drug.

It remains in the body for 2-4 hours. Others suggest taking it 30 minutes before your target activity.

How Much is PRL-8-53?

PureRawz sells PRL-8-53 solution for $29.99. If buying in bulk, you can get it as low as $20.99.

The powder form is available in a 500 mg jar. It costs $14.99 per jar and only $10.49 in bulk.


PRL-8-53 is created in the laboratory that aims to target memory and cognitive function. Despite the little research about its potential benefits, it has multiplied its supporters because of its cognitive effects.

More substantial evidence may be needed to prove that it is worthy in the nootropic community. But as long as it is unregulated with no recorded toxicity for long-term use, it will continue to be considered one of the best cognitive enhancer supplements.