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Adamax is an analog of Semax. It has an adamantane group similar to that of P21.

Put simply, it’s a more potent version of the peptide Semax.

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The inventors at Ceretropic developed Adamax, thinking there would be more clinical potential than with basic semaphorins.

Adamax purportedly helps humans by increasing endurance, accelerating recovery from strenuous physical exercise and stimulating mental activity over time.

Research says that Adamax increases endurance in athletes 2-3 times better than other Semax analogues due to its unique adamantane group and increased stability for bioactivity after crossing through the blood brain barrier (BBB).

Additionally, this Adamax has been shown to increase cognitive function when taken on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

The nootropic peptide Adamax was thought to be extinct after Ceretropic closed.

But now it’s back!