Modvigil: Review of Nootropic Benefits, Uses, & Side Effects

Updated on August 28, 2023
 by — reviewed by Jason Williams, PhD (Contributor: George Collins / Editor: Yoko Hill)

We looked at what Modvigil is, including where to buy it, the recommended dosages, and any side effects you need to know about. We also look at how the tablet works in your body, go through some user reviews and answer some frequently asked questions.

If you are feeling fatigued and are in need of that boost that will wake you, help you focus, and improve your productivity then modvigil could be the solution you are looking for.

This wakefulness, nootropic drug is being used more and more by people who want to improve their daily lives and reach their maximum potential.

As a result of this increased popularity, we have put together this article that takes a detailed look at what the Modvigil drug can do, taking a look at its side effects, benefits, and where it can be bought.

Without wasting any more time let’s get straight into the article.

What is Modvigil?

Modvigil Review

Modvigil is the most legitimate generic Modafinil brand on the market. Being the most popular smart drug in the world Modafinil comes with a big reputation.

Also known as the “real-life” limitless pill, the Modvigil drug is used around the world by CEOs, students, professionals, and overnight workers to increase cognitive functions, focus, and alertness which in turn improves performance and productivity.

Containing the same active ingredients as Modafinil this eugeroic pill causes the levels of two important neurotransmitters to rise. These two neurotransmitters are histamines and dopamines.

The significant rise in histamines produces extreme alertness whilst the increase in dopamine levels provides you with that more positive feeling, giving you more motivation to get all those daily tasks done.

As well as being used commonly by individuals wanting to boost their brain functionality and feel more awake/positive throughout the day, Modvigil is also frequently prescribed by doctors to combat a variety of medical conditions.

This drug can be used to treat various sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift sleep disorder as well as more common diagnoses like depression and ADHD.

How Does Modvigil Work?

Through research and studies carried out, it is believed that Modafinil (Modvigil) works by selective activation of the hypothalamus which is found in the brain. This is the area of the brain believed to be responsible for controlling sleepiness and wakefulness.

By targeting this part of the brain Modvigil can take control of these two factors using chemical messengers. This stimulant then makes a person feel more awake, alert, and lively until the drug wears off. The effects of Modvigil can be felt for hours.

What are the Benefits and Effects of Modvigil

Modvigil has some pretty impressive benefits that make it a drug well worth trying out. Let’s take a look at them so we can understand exactly what to expect from this pill.

Increased Cognition, Productivity, and Focus

If we take a 200mg Modvigil tablet we can expect to see some extreme cognitive improvements. Thanks to the dopamine increase in our brains our focus and productivity will begin to skyrocket.

This dramatic increase will allow us to fully express ourselves and have the determination to complete any daily tasks we have.

This is great for any professionals that have an important business meeting to attend or a student that has an important final project to submit.


Probably the most beneficial change Modivigil makes to an individual’s body is how awake it makes them feel. The Modvigil drug increases alertness and eradicates fatigue.

After taking one 200mg pill you will within roughly one hour begin to feel energized. This alert, energized feeling will last for up to 12 hours, giving us the chance to make the most of our day without feeling any sleepiness until we go to bed that night.

Treatment of Serious Sleep Disorders

Modivigil is prescribed by doctors to treat serious sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift sleep disorder. By energizing individuals and eliminating fatigue those who suffer from one of these conditions can be their best selves and their daily lives can be improved.

Improves Your Mood

We’ve all had those days where we feel completely fed up and demotivated. Luckily for us, modvigil is an excellent mood booster. By brightening our moods we, in turn, feel a lot more motivated and ready to take on the day ahead.

What are the Side Effects of Modvigil?

Like any drug on the market or prescribed by a doctor, modvigil does come with some side effects that you need to know about.

It is completely normal to feel anxious about taking a drug for the first time, but it is worth knowing that experiencing any side effects is actually pretty rare and in most cases, the symptoms are fairly mild. In fact, only 10% of people using Modvigil experience side effects.

Some of the side effects you don’t need to worry about, however, if you experience some more serious effects we recommend you come off Modvigil straight away and contact your doctor. They will then advise you on the next step that needs to be taken.

Nausea and Vomiting

One of the most common side effects of taking Modvigil is the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Taking a new course of tablets for the first time can make you feel nauseous whilst your body adjusts to the drug. This is quite normal and shouldn’t be worried about it.

The feeling should pass after a short amount of time. If you do continuously feel nauseous after taking Modvigil it is a good idea to contact your doctor.


Having a headache after taking a wakefulness pill to boost our cognitive function and productivity is the last thing anyone wants. Having a headache after taking Modvigil is quite common though.

Most people who take the drug only tend to have a mild headache for a short period of time but there have been rarer cases where individuals have had serious migraines, resulting in them being taken off the drug completely.


Occasionally when we take a new drug our bodies aren’t too pleased about it. Your body might at first try to reject the drug. This can result in an unsettled stomach and diarrhea. Again though it is worth noting that this side effect isn’t experienced by many people. If you do experience this side effect it should pass quickly.

Nervousness and Anxiety

Feeling anxious or nervous when taking Modivigil is one of the more serious side effects. If you experience anxiety or extreme nervousness as a result of taking the drug be sure to come of it right away. Once you have, take a visit to your doctor to see what they think about the situation.

Trouble Sleeping

Believe it or not, if taken incorrectly one side effect of Modvigil is insomnia. Modvigil keeps you awake and energizes you, so if taken at the wrong time you will feel like this when you should be going to bed. To avoid this make sure you take the drug in the morning or at least 12 hours before you go to sleep.


The only serious long-term issue that can be experienced is dependence on the drug. This might sound quite scary but this only tends to occur if the drug is taken excessively.

To avoid becoming dependant on Modvigil always take the recommended dosage at the right time. If you ever feel like you are becoming dependant, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Dosage and How to Take

Modivigl commonly comes in 200mg pills. This is the recommended dosage to take daily if you want to feel the benefits of the drug safely, and up to 12 hours of the day. Despite this being the recommended dosage, you can take less or more of the drug depending on your circumstances.

Below is a list of the different dosages you can take, who should be taking each dosage, and what you can expect.


50mg is the smallest dosage of Movigil you can take. This dosage is perfect for newbie smart drug users who will experience the full benefits of the drug for approximately 4-6 hours. Many consider this dose of Modvigil to be the perfect ‘micro-dosing amount.


By taking 100mg of Modvigil you can expect to feel the benefits for 8-12 hours. This is not a recommended dose of the drug but is occasionally prescribed to those suffering from narcolepsy.


As we mentioned earlier 200mg of Modvigil is the recommended dose of this drug. Most users prefer this dosage and find that they feel the cognitive benefits for up to 10-12 hours.

The incredible cognitive benefits will give you a laser-like focus, keeping you going through the day. We recommend you don’t use any more than 200mg of this pill unless you have been advised to by a medical professional.


You should only take 300-400mg of Modvigil if you have been told to by a doctor. Patients who suffer from severe cases of narcolepsy are sometimes given this dosage to help them stay awake during the day. Taking 400mg of the drug if you don’t need it can keep you awake for up to 22 hours of the day and also leave you with a pretty nasty headache the following morning.

How to Take

Modvigil can be taken with or without food, using a glass of water to help swallow the pill. It is highly recommended that you take the drug first thing in the morning unless you plan on staying up all night.

By taking the pill in the morning you can experience the full effect of the tablets before still having a great night’s sleep. Once you have taken your dose, you can expect the drug to start kicking in after about an hour.

You should take this drug 1-3 times a week and have a two-week break every two months. This is to ensure you don’t start becoming dependent on the drug. As well as having an increased chance of becoming dependant on Modvigil, by taking it too much you could build a tolerance to the pill. If you do build a tolerance to the pill you will not experience any of the benefits.

Where to Buy Modvigil

It is important to buy any drug from a reputable organization that specializes in offering a professional service. Modivigil can be given on prescription from your doctor or bought online via a drug vendor.

We all know just how much rubbish there is online so it is vital you use the best vendor out there. To help you we have listed the three best vendors on the internet. These 3 vendors sell Modvigil and other nootropic drugs in a safe way providing you the customer with excellent customer service.


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Modvigil Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here are some customer experiences of Modvigil shared on Reddit.

According to u/Zen_Hipster:

“For anyone that's curious, I'm feeling pretty good about my first use of Modvigil which is the HAB pharma product. Batch 1215-20 and they seem to be USP standard.

I took 50mg at 8:00AM with some choline, as well as my normal D3 and COQ10 supps with my coffee + MCT & theanine. I then had another 50mg at around 9:30AM.

I feel less fidgety and more focused, and also seem to have what feels like a nice warm internal smile going on”

According to xavistame5:

“Modafinil made me a genius capable of concentrating for hours and withholding phenomenal amounts of information in practically one session. It gives me energy, motivation. In fact, I had trouble learning and it allows me to learn faster by telling me goals to stick to while snacking a lot less.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to using Modvigil.

Is It Better to Use Modvigil or Modalert?

Modvigil and Modalert are both generic Modafinil brands. They both offer very similar benefits and are arguably the two most popular brands on the market right now.

With the benefits of both drugs being virtually the same it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to use Modalert whilst others swear by Modvigil. The truth of the matter is you will experience some impressive benefits no matter which one you choose.

Can You Take 2 Modvigil a Day?

The recommended dosage of Modvigil is 200mg a day. This shouldn’t be exceeded unless you are told otherwise by a medical professional. Taking too much could result in dependence, tolerance, or other side effects such as nausea, insomnia, and diarrhea.

Can You Drink Alcohol After Taking Modvigil?

You should never drink alcohol when you are taking Modvigil. Drinking alcohol whilst taking this drug can cause drowsiness or other side effects. The alcohol could also decrease the effectiveness of Modvigil.


There’s no denying how good Modvigil is at energizing us and eliminating fatigue. The hugely popular wakefulness drug works incredibly quickly to boost our cognitive functions, improving our focus and productivity. The increased dopamine and histamine levels allow us to feel more positive and give us the motivation to reach our full potential.

Despite it being a super-safe drug it is still important to get the dosage right to ensure you feel the full benefits whilst also having the smallest chance of experiencing any nasty side effects such as insomnia or nausea. With the vendors listed in this article, you can be confident when ordering the drug so what are you waiting for.

Taking Modvigil leaves you feeling like you can take on the world, so why not get out there and give it a try for yourself.