Gilda's Club Is Now Part of WholisticResearch

WholisticResearch, a website dedicated to research and guides on the latest nootropics and cognitive enhancers, has acquired the domain name ("Gilda's Club").

An important thing to note is that this was only an acquisition of the domain name rather than the brand Gilda's Club/Gilda's Club Worldwide, which is owned by the Cancer Support Community Corp. and has nothing to do with this domain acquisition.

The Cancer Support Community let the domain expire, allowing anyone to reregister it.

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This domain acquisition brings together two leaders in their respective fields: WholisticResearch is known for studying promising new methods for cognitive enhancement; Gilda's Club is known for providing person-centered support services to people with cancer and their loved ones.

WholisticResearch has redirected the website to show it is now a part of WholisticResearch and will be doing more work in this space in the future.

The domain acquisition is important because it's meant to raise awareness that bringing together complementary approaches to helping people with cancer can lead to better results. On the one hand, these integrative efforts are fragmented, such as when they use stigmatizing language like "alternative" or "complementary," but on the other hand, there is an increasing awareness that different interventions may have effects that reinforce each other rather than conflicting—and that may be why integrative programs are showing greater promise than any single intervention alone.

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WholisticResearch is the umbrella organization under which integrative efforts can be united into one holistic approach moving forward to help patients effectively despite the obstacles created by current medical research and health care delivery systems—which still resist any form of integration even though it has been proven that they are less effective individually than multiple modalities used together (as shown through meta-analyses).

The mission of WholisticResearch is to promote education, research, and collaboration in the field of integrative medicine.